Welcome To Your Life On Earth!

Your Soul's Journey On This Planet

Is Encoded Inside What Most People Still Think

Is A Deck Of 52 Playing Cards


Yes. It's True.

The same cards used to play poker, gin rummy, and go fish are actually an ancient system of knowledge that reflect life on Earth.

Based on our Birth Date, we're each dealt 13 cards to play.

These cards reveal who we are and why we're here.

Lookup your cards below to discover the game of your life.



Once you know your cards to play, now the excitement of your life really begins.

The cards give you a roadmap to live your best life. But the choice is still yours. But at least now you have the GPS navigation for your life.

Now you can consciously choose to play your cards right. And what happens when you play your cards right is that you find yourself in perfect alignment with the underlying harmony of your life.

If you would like support to begin playing your cards right, click below to watch our free welcome video.