10 of Clubs 


Ten of Clubs

Playing the game of a Ten you carry the energy of open space, radiance, abundance, and accomplishment.

Playing the game of a Club you bring this energy to all aspects of the mind: communication, conversation, and mental pursuits.

It means that your game is to radiate accomplishment and success in life, hold open the space for genuine communication, and shine forth the possibility of mindful abundance.


10 of Clubs: Personal Patterns

  • Graceful, charming, and charismatic; entertaining others with your gifts
  • Offering fantastic intuitive insights and gems of wisdom
  • Thinking you are never smart enough or that you never know enough
  • Desperately insecure and continually seeking approval and validation from others
  • Inability to receive compliments, praise, and support
  • Over-analyzing your feelings to the point of not knowing what you actually feel
  • Stepping up onto your own stage, expressing your passion and shining a bright light
  • And much more...

10 of Clubs: Relationship Patterns

  • Passionate and steamy romance
  • A nurturing advocate for those you love; supporting people to feel good
  • Idealistic fantasies and illusions about romance prevent actual intimate connection
  • Power struggles that only manifest once inside the relationship
  • Inability to let down your guard and be truly vulnerable
  • Sexual uncertainty and emotional division; a heart anxiously torn in two
  • A wonderful team player who is eager to lend a hand
  • And much more...

10 of Clubs: Career Patterns

  • Easily rising to the top of your field and attracting financial abundance
  • Finding success by initiating your own business or creative ideas
  • Playing it safe instead of taking a step of faith to create your own way
  • Not trusting your own intuitive guidance about people and learning the hard way
  • Over-extended and unappreciated; burning yourself out working too hard
  • Shady, secretive behavior; meanwhile, paranoid that others are deceiving you
  • Excellent multi-tasking and project-management skills
  • And much more...

10 of Clubs: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • Enjoying intense physical exercise to move the energy from your mind to your body
  • Benefiting from the free-flow of emotional and passionate expression
  • Indecision about your life path and personal security disrupts your mental health
  • Suffering the negative consequences of the mind-body connection: mental chaos creates physical chaos
  • Getting lost in lateral mental turbulence that creates wicked headaches
  • Addictive behavior and obsessive fixations are a real potential danger
  • A master of your own house, able to consciously craft your optimal being
  • And much more...