Eight of Hearts 

Eight of Hearts Cartomancy Meaning

Eight of Hearts

Playing the game of an Eight you carry the energy of power, healing, grace, and force.

Playing the game of a Heart you bring this energy to all experiences of the heart: emotions, love, and relationships.

It means that your game in life is to express the full power of love. Yours is the passion to sing, dance, heal and help. You have the grace and the charm to create a hum of happiness all around you.

How To Read This Page

Above in the banner images, the left side image (top image if you're viewing it on a phone) is a visual expression of when you may be Off Your Game.

The right side banner images (bottom two images on your phone) are a visual representation of what's possible for you when you're On Your Game.

And below is an introductory list of experiences you may have in four important areas of your life when you are either...

  • On Your Game -- expressing it positively in your life
  • Off Your Game -- expressing it negatively in your life

8 of Hearts: Able to consciously weave together the best emotional outcome

Eight of Hearts: Personal Patterns

  • Operating with unconditional love; genuinely loving others no matter what
  • Able to consciously weave together the best emotional outcome for all
  • Getting your heart constricted and tied-up in knots trying to passively control others
  • Suffering intensely in the pits of your deep feelings and sliding down into depression
  • A hidden, dark cynicism blocks you from actually tapping into the power of your heart
  • Compromising your own needs and goals for the sake of making others happy
  • The conscious willingness to utilize your strength to "fight" for what is right
  • And much more...
8 of Hearts

Eight of Hearts: Relationship Patterns

  • Intensely, passionately loving with a deep sensuality
  • Giving and generous with an unlimited supply of emotional energy
  • Stuck in your head: consumed with and lost in idealistic thoughts about love
  • Emotional power plays and passive-aggressive manipulations sabotage your relationships
  • Co-dependent emotional entanglements; merging your partner's feelings with your own 
  • Fear of scaring your lovers with your passion leads you to avoid intimacy altogether
  • Ease of emotional intelligence; able to gracefully resolve tension and foster harmony
  • And much more...
8 of Hearts: Able to feel the energy of others

Eight of Hearts: Career Patterns

  • Natural political and charismatic leadership; able to rally people to a cause
  • The empathy to feel the wavelengths around you and respond with an inspirational offering
  • Lazy; all-too-easily adopting a "go with the flow" attitude as an excuse for taking no action
  • Scattered and depleted among too many different and unfinished projects 
  • Inability to delegate, share, or ask for help; trying to control everything yourself
  • Feeling unappreciated and unrecognized for all your hard work and loyal efforts
  • Doing broadminded, openhearted work that harmonizes the soul and creates abundance
  • And much more...
Eight of Hearts: Manic Mood Swings?

Eight of Hearts: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • An ease of being in your body and an ease of balancing your healthy flow
  • An inner buoyancy that enables you to bounce back into a happy mindset 
  • Emotional distress causes you mental and physical distress
  • Inability to set clear emotional boundaries depletes your energy
  • Over-working and over-exerting yourself constricts the natural harmony of your health
  • Manic, up-and-down mood swings can be debilitating to your health and wellbeing
  • Acting in life like a true martial artist; fierce and peaceful simultaneously
  • And much more...

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The wise person knows the Self and plays the game of life. But the fool lives in the world like a beast of burden.

~ Ashtavakra Gita (4:1)