3 of Spades 


Three of Spades

Playing the game of a Three you carry the energy of creativity, self- expression, inspiration, variety, and choice.

Playing the game of a Spade you bring this energy to what you believe and what you do.

It means that your game in life is to creatively express yourself.  Yours is the ability to dream it and then do it – to carve a new pathway through reality, like a knife through soft butter.


3 of Spades: Personal Patterns

  • Marching to the beat of your own conscience
  • Innovative and out-of-the-box in your determination to find your way in life
  • Paralyzed in indecision, not wanting to even make a decision
  • Surprisingly sensitive and easily knocked off your course
  • Being blunt and dogmatic about what you believe; confronting others with your ideas
  • Lost in delusional fantasies, in an inner-dialogue that disconnects you from reality
  • Leading the way with your pioneering vision
  • And much more...

3 of Spades: Relationship Patterns

  • Consciously doing the work to put your relationship together
  • Genuinely caring and giving; advocating for the people you love
  • Experiencing disappointment, betrayal, and heartbreak in your closest relationships
  • Indecisive and fearful about making the wrong choice and the wrong commitment
  • Communication issues and frustrations; not knowing how to communicate clearly
  • Passive-aggressively bossy and controlling; thinking you know best for your loved ones
  • The gift of strong partnership takes your life to the next level
  • And much more...

3 of Spades: Career Patterns

  • Able to dream it and do it; the power to both envision and complete your goals
  • Creating your own pathway of success
  • Scattered and divided among too many interests that dissipates your energy
  • Difficulty in expressing your profound ideas to your colleagues or clients etc.
  • Experiencing your work as a heavy ball and chain; feeling stuck in unfulfilling labor
  • Irresponsible, loose finances and/or a miserly restriction of money both limit your success
  • Activating your work as a mystical experience of spiritual fulfillment
  • And much more...

3 of Spades: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • Creating your own wellness through the power of your beliefs
  • Enjoying and benefiting from natural, holistic, and dietary remedies
  • Going to extremes between over-indulgence and self-discipline
  • Mental anxiety, doubt, and overwhelm disrupt your wellbeing
  • Feeling emotionally distraught makes you physically ill
  • Internally split about what is the right health and medical protocol to follow
  • A zen presence and peace of mind that brings harmony to your life
  • And much more...