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Clarify Your Decisions
Optimize Your Performance
Elevate Your Outcomes

The Daily Game is based on the Source Cards

Each day, whether you realize it or not, mathematical principles are in play to serve up two Source Cards of the day.

These two Source Cards symbolize the energy patterns of the Earth's resonant field as it wobbles around on its axis each day.

Learn these underlying patterns and how to play them right and suddenly you'll be in harmony with what is, swimming with the current, the wind at your back, full of energy and vitality to do your best and be your best.

Start consciously playing along with the energy patterns that are already present anyway.

Play your life as a daily game!

Instead of Struggling Through A Stressful Grind, Light up Your Days with Purpose and Meaning

The Daily Game is a spiritual roadmap for busy people who want to elevate their lives.

And we are your Avatar Hosts!

Viki & Alexander

You don't have to check in every day, but on those days when you want clarity and direction... 

  • Watch the 90-second Teaching Video and review the Daily Wisdom

  • Pick up the Daily Key, a one-sentence strategy for best results and save it metaphorically in your back pocket to use when you need it

  • Say the Daily Mantra to establish your game-winning mindset

  • Avoid hidden pitfalls and activate your best results with the bullet-pointed Daily Activation guidance

  • Calm your energy with the One-Minute Guided Meditation accompanied by binaural beats

In the evening, after streaming your favorite show...

  • Review the Daily Reflection Questions to validate your wins and consider how you might have, in certain situations, made better decisions 

  • Connect and chat in our private online community with people who are on your wavelength

  • Gain accountability and support from a community of like-minded people


To play along takes 5 to 15 minutes in your day. 


What People Are Saying About the Daily Game...

"Thank you for bringing joy to my day."

"Every day I'm blown away by the accuracy! At first, it shocked me... now it doesn't."

"It's become an important daily ritual for me that helps me focus my energy and be more productive."

"I've noticed that since I started playing my cards right, it's been helping me to communicate more efficiently and effectively. I don't know if it's some kind of magic trick, but I love it!"

"I love reading the Daily Activation for the humor. You guys are hilarious!"

"It's so simple and so powerful."

"I woke up with a slight feeling of sadness, which shifted instantly into a feeling of gratitude that brought a smile to my face, just by listening to this one-minute meditation."

"I just used the Daily Key after an annoying situation at work and I feel much better now. Thank you!"


 The Daily Game 

Play Your Life On Purpose 


$36 / Month
$13 / Month

Or $9 / Month With Yearly Subscription

Daily Wisdom

Daily Mantra

Daily Key

Daily Activation

Daily Meditation

Evening Reflection

+ Community Connection

+ Accountability and Support


did you know that in the lives of successful people, certain habits consistently show up as the foundational habits of their success?

You can distill these success habits down to 13 core habits.

The Daily Game brings these habits together in one easy-to-follow program!

The 13 Core Habits of Success and How Playing the Daily Game Integrates These Core Habits into Your Life

All you have to do is play the Daily Game.

Success is built in.

Seek clarity

Successful People Seek Clarity

Each day, the Daily Game clarifies for you the patterns of the day, your right mindset, your optimal approach, the pitfalls to avoid, and your best strategy for success.

Successful People Have A Detailed Plan

The Daily Game presents you with a detailed overview of what to expect in your day, where to focus your attention, and gives you a simple plan of action for best results.

The game of life
Cards of truth

Successful People Don't Get Distracted By The Noise. They Focus Their Attention On What's Most Important

The Daily Mantra helps you to focus your mindset (so you don't get distracted) and the Daily Key helps you to focus on best practices in a difficult (confusing) situation.

The End-of-Day Reflection questions help you to sift through the noise of your day to focus your attention on what was most important in your day.

Successful People Consistently Take Action

Each and every day, the Daily Activation gives you four bullet points to take action in your life.

The daily game

Successful People Surround Themselves With Successful People

Join the Daily Game and you'll find yourself in an online community of people who are all committed to living their best life. 

Successful People Create Their Own Success

The Daily Game shows you exactly how to create your success, and it empowers you with the map you need and the tools you need on a daily basis.

The Source Cards
13 steps

Successful People Track Their Progress

Each day, by answering one of the End-of-Day Reflection questions, you track your daily progress towards mastering the game of your life. 

Play along for one year. Then, look back on your year, and you may be amazed at your progress, simply by tracking your daily reflection answers.

Successful People Focus On The Positive

The Daily Game shows you exactly where to focus your energy in order to activate positive results in your day. 

Plus, the End-of-Day Reflection questions help you notice the positive results in your day and focus on gratitude.

Daily improvements

Successful People Focus On Making Small Daily Improvements

Yes, exactly! That's what we do in the Daily Game.

Better yet, the Daily Game focuses your awareness on precisely which small improvements to make in your life, each and every day.

Successful People Meditate

Each day you have a guided one-minute meditation. You'll be amazed at the difference even a one-minute meditation will make in your state of mind.

And you can do the one-minute meditation as many times as you like throughout your day.

Inspire others

Successful People Inspire Others To Be Successful As Well

When you subscribe to the Daily Game you will be joining an online community of people who inspire each other with their daily reflections.

You can do the same. Inspire others with your comments and reflections in our private online community and you'll notice that it is reflected right back to you. 

Successful People Don't Procrastinate Or Make Excuses

We've laid it all out in a simple framework that removes the procrastination and the excuses. It's all right there for you in a simple program.

The Source Cards

Successful People Make Time For Their Self-Care So They Don't Burn Out

The Daily Game supports your mental and emotional well-being.

Invest a few minutes of your morning and a few minutes of your evening to clear your mind, meditate, reflect on your positive results, and rejuvenate your soul.

Play the Daily Game and You Can...

  • Develop the known habits of successful people

  • Gain a simple framework to prioritize what matters in your day

  • Clarify your decision-making and make better choices

  • Optimize all the outcomes of your day, across all dimensions

  • Watch as magical "coincidences" start to happen more often

  • Connect with like-minded people who are on your wavelength

What's It Worth?

Well, if you are someone who wants to live your best life, the value of the Daily Game is priceless.

And yet to put a price tag on it, previously, the subscription rate was $36 a month, and we still have people playing along at that rate.

But right now, we are offering the subscription to the Daily Game at only $13 a month or $9 a month with a yearly subscription.

 The Daily Game 

Play Your Life On Purpose 


$36 / Month
$13 / Month

Or $9 / Month With Yearly Subscription

Daily Wisdom

Daily Mantra

Daily Key

Daily Activation

Daily Meditation

Evening Reflection

+ Community Connection

+ Accountability and Support

Not Sure If You Can Commit?

 "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." 

~ Annie Dillard


Scholarships Available

Because we want everyone to be able to play along in the Daily Game, we've also made scholarships available.

If a $13 per month payment is a genuine financial hardship for you, click here to apply for a scholarship.


The Nuts and Bolts:
How And Why The Daily Game Works...

Based on the wobble of the Earth as it rotates around on its axis, each daily cycle wobbles out a subtly different energy frequency. In fact, what we think of as "time," is actually a daily fluctuation of energy amplitudes and wavelengths. Everything is energy. Including time.

These daily rotational frequencies are the underlying vibrational patterns of our reality inside of which we all live and move and have our being. And... these unseen patterns affect you, whether you realize it or not. 

If you're unaware of these underlying, background energy patterns of our space-time matrix, you may end up feeling like a victim of forces that are beyond your control.

The good news is that the ancient science of metasymbology reveals the sacred geometry of these daily patterns that form our reality (they're not random) and symbolizes them as the visual patterns of the Source Cards. Once you know these daily Source Cards then, you know (quite literally) the source code that is the programming language of our space-time matrix.

What it means, too, is that as you consciously play your cards right, (pun intended) you get in synch with what is, so that instead of getting swept along by hidden currents or else struggling to swim against the vibrational current, you can swim with the current and arrive at your optimal results with grace and ease.

Stop the struggle.

Start playing along.

Creating Global Coherence: The Power of Playing the Daily Game Together in Community

Perhaps you've heard about the studies that show how a group of people meditating together significantly reduces crime rates in that area.

What happens is that in the presence of a harmonious, unified field formed by a large number of people, hostile tendencies are dissolved.

We believe we can harness this same collective power to create global coherence in our society.

When enough of us are consciously attuning our daily lives to the underlying energy patterns that are present each day as revealed in the daily Source Cards, we will create a more harmonious collective field for everyone.

And we'll have fun doing it!

So, join us!

Not only will you be developing the known habits of success for your life and making your life more joyful and complete each day, you will also be helping to create a harmonious ripple effect of peace across our shared world.

Join us in the Daily Game. And play your life on purpose.

with all our love,
Viki and Alexander


 The Daily Game 

Play Your Life On Purpose 


$36 / Month
$13 / Month

Or $9 / Month With Yearly Subscription

Daily Wisdom

Daily Mantra

Daily Key

Daily Activation

Daily Meditation

Evening Reflection

+ Community Connection

+ Accountability and Support

+ Help To Create Greater Global Coherence

Frequently Asked Questions

Hold up. So, is this actually a game?

Yup. It's the game of life.

The idea of the Daily Game is to treat your life like a game you're playing. It's a game-changing mindset shift. (pun intended)

The Daily Game gives you the instructions to play the game of life and gives you the mindset to see your life as a game you're playing.

You say that "each day has different energy patterns," but I don't notice any different "energy patterns" in my day-to-day experience. Why should I try the Daily Game?

The Daily Game is precisely how you will notice the subtle differences between your days.

In fact, if you don't know to look for it, you won't see it. The Daily Game helps you notice what you need to notice. It helps you to tune in.

Over the years, many of our students have told us that focusing on the daily Source Cards has helped them to notice the meaningful "coincidences" of life, so that they can really appreciate the magic of life all around them.

How does this Daily Game work, exactly? What are the logistics

Once you purchase, you will get a login to our backend classroom portal. There you can access all your paid content from the Source Cards, including the Daily Game.

The Daily Game is formatted inside a daily course lesson that you have access to each day.

You also automatically receive a reminder email in your inbox each morning at 5 AM of your local time. You can click the link in the email to access the Daily Game. And if you prefer, you can unsubscribe from the email and simply login in directly each day to your classroom portal.

I already know what the cards of the day are. I can see them for free elsewhere on social media and the internet. Why should I sign up for the Daily Game?

There's a big -- as in life-changingly big difference -- between knowing what the cards are and knowing how to play them right.

In the Daily Game, we teach you how to play these cards right.

If you are a student of the Cards, then the best way to absorb their meaning into your consciousness is to play along in the Daily Game. Try it out for yourself. You'll see what we mean.

How do you calculate which cards are the cards of the day?

It's based on a simple mathematical calculation. In our free Welcome Guide, we explain how to calculate the cards of the day.

What if I live in Australia or China, and I'm a day ahead of you? 

The web hosting service we use is smart! :-)

It knows your global location based on the IP address of your computer. You will receive access to the Daily Game each morning at 5 AM of your local time.

Is everyone playing the same daily cards? Or are my cards of the day different?

Yes. Everyone is playing the same daily cards. We call them the Global Daily Cards (GDC). Level One of the Daily Game is based on these global cards of the day.

You also have Personal Daily Cards (PDC). If you want to look up your Personal Daily Cards, click here.

Level Two of the Daily Game is based on integrating your Personal Daily Cards (PDC) with the Global Daily Cards. (GDC) But one step at a time, grasshopper. For now, start in the Daily Game: Level One, learn the game, and get in synch with the global energies of the day.

So, is this like a daily horoscope?

Yes and No. 

We feel like it's simpler and more accurate than an astrological horoscope.

And there are no predictions.

There is only awareness to notice the energy field that is present that day and then guidance as to how to flow with the energy instead of struggling against it or unconsciously resisting it.

Can I roll up my $7 one-week trial payment into the $13 monthly subscription payment or else into the annual subscription of $108 a year?

No. These are two separate payments.

Do you both play along, too? Are you both active in the community?

Yes. That's a big yes!

We both love talking cards, and we both enjoy sharing our daily experiences. We post insights from our day and fun anecdotes of our daily experiences.

What if, once I subscribe, I have questions or I don't understand something about the Daily Game?

We have a tech support team for any technical questions you may have.

And we are both active inside the community to support you to play along. You can chat with us, and ask us your questions about the Daily Game.

Is the Daily Game accessible on any device? Mobile? Tablet? Desktop?

Yes, it is accessible on any device and multiple devices simultaneously. It's all based on your login to your classroom portal, which you can access on any device.

 The Daily Game 

Play Your Life On Purpose 


$36 / Month
$13 / Month

$9 / Month With Yearly Subscription

Daily Wisdom

Daily Mantra

Daily Key

Daily Activation

Daily Meditation

Evening Reflection

+ Community Connection

+ Accountability and Support

+ Help To Create Greater Global Coherence