Happy Birthday

July 21st


We're grateful you're here to play this game of life with us.

And we're excited you're here on our website. It's the fulfillment of our purpose to share this ancient Knowledge with you. So, thank you for participating in our joy!

Because you are born on the date of July 21st, it means you are born to play the 7 of Clubs with a 9 of Hearts personality.

The 7 of Clubs is the primary pattern of your life. It is like your Avatar. It's your entrance token to the game of your life.

The 9 of Hearts is the secondary pattern of your life. It reflects your outward personality and may rule your behavior.

Famous people born on July 21st

All of these people share your cards to play. Like you, they were born to play the 7 of Clubs overlaid with a 9 of Hearts personality.

Notice the recurring themes in their lives.


Paul Reuter

Born to play the 7 of Clubs / 9 of Hearts

German-born British entrepreneur who was a pioneer in news reporting; he founded the Reuters News Agency which is today a multinational media conglomerate


Sam Bass

Born to play the 7 of Clubs / 9 of Hearts

American outlaw of the Old West who was a notorious train robber; he died in a shootout with the Texas Rangers


Ernest Hemingway

Born to play the 7 of Clubs / 9 of Hearts

One of the most famous authors of the early 20th-century; known for his economic use of words and his understated style; many of his works are considered classics of American literature, and he won the Nobel Prize in Literature; he endured multiple plane crashes in his early 50s that left him in chronic pain; suffering from health issues and obvious decline in mental health, he was told by doctors to stop drinking alcohol -- advice he disregarded; he became paranoid, thinking that the FBI was monitoring him and ended his life with a shotgun blast when he was 62



Marshall McLuhan

Born to play the 7 of Clubs / 9 of Hearts

Canadian philosopher and social thinker whose concepts and ideas created a massive ripple effect across 20th century thinking; he coined the phrase "the medium is the message" and the phrase "the global village;" he also predicted the rise of the world wide web 30 years before it happened; he was highly successful in his own lifetime and his work received an astonishing amount of publicity for someone who was an academic


Ken Starr

Born to play the 7 of Clubs / 9 of Hearts

The lawyer who investigated President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair and who ultimately determined that the president had lied during his sworn statements; his report led to the impeachment hearings of Clinton


Cat Stevens

Born to play the 7 of Clubs / 9 of Hearts

Singer-songwriter who converted to Islam; has received two honorary doctorates and awards for promoting peace as well as other humanitarian awards; has been inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame


Robin Williams

Born to play the 7 of Clubs / 9 of Hearts

Acclaimed comedian and actor known for his impressive improvisational skills and ability to create a wide variety of voices; he committed suicide at age 63 by hanging himself -- it was later revealed that he was suffering from cognitive decline and dementia


Lee Camp

Born to play the 7 of Clubs / 9 of Hearts

American comedian and political commentator who hosts the weekly comedy news show Redacted Tonight


Your Name Goes Here

Born to play the 7 of Clubs / 9 of Hearts

What will it look like for you to play your cards right? What will you be remembered for?

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