Source Jewelry Amulets

Viki Scudiery

Hi this is Viki, and this is my Source Jewelry collection!

I'm so excited to share this jewelry with you.

I love, love, love jewelry, especially jewelry with crystals that have healing properties. It's my personal passion. I love wearing jewelry that helps me hold the vibrational frequency of my highest intentions.

In fact, I use jewelry in my energy healing practice, and I infuse each piece I wear with prayer and intention. I have found that crystals and stones can be charged with specific intentions and energetically aligned to support a specific healing frequency. That's how I use them. That's how I wear them.

Introducing Source Jewelry Amulets

Because I love crystal-stone jewelry so much and because I want to help other people feel their best, I decided to create a crystal-stone jewelry collection to help other people do what I do -- wear beautiful jewelry that also holds a healing vibration for them. The best of both worlds! Am I right?

Source Jewelry Amulets are designed to help you maintain the vibrational frequency of your highest and best intentions. 

How It Works

When you make your purchase, you tell me what you want to manifest in your life. You will see on the checkout page a place to write in your manifestation goals. Once you purchase your Amulet, you’ll be directed by my assistant as to how to set up the date and time of a 25 minute Zoom session with me.

Once you receive your Amulet, we will do a 25 minute remote healing session over Zoom. With your permission, I channel Source energy into your energy field to clear away energy blocks that may be preventing you from realizing your manifestation goals.

Then, I infuse that energy alignment into your Amulet. This way, you continually receive the healing, clearing energy as you wear your Amulet.

Your manifestation goals can include any goal you have for your life including heath and wellbeing, relationship desires, and life longings. It's up to you what you want to manifest in your life!

The specific stones in the Amulets are selected to facilitate the healing and wellbeing of mind, heart, body, and spirit. So, I am also working with the energy of the stone itself.

Giving an Amulet as a Gift

If you want to give a Source Jewelry Amulet as a gift, the healing will be done for the person over Zoom after you give that person their gift. Have them contact me directly to tell me their manifestation goals and to set up their 25 minute healing session with me. 




Medical Disclaimer

Energy healing and crystal healing are not intended to replace traditional healthcare and treatment protocols. They are complementary modalities that enhance and support medical treatment or a personal wellness plan.

Just because a crystal or stone may have one or more healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it does not mean that you will definitely experience or benefit from any such properties.