7 of Diamonds 


Seven of Diamonds

Playing the game of a Seven, you carry the energy of connection, ups-and-downs, adjustments, and elevation

Playing the game of a Diamond, you bring this energy to what matters most to you, whether that’s material, financial, physical, or spiritual values.

It means that your game in life is to adjust what we value and how we perceive value.  Yours are the instincts to elevate what matters most in life.


7 of Diamonds: Personal Patterns

  • The faith and inner conviction to live life on your own terms
  • Choosing to embody the principles and values that make our world a better place
  • Mismatched and unspoken expectations and perceptions that lead to disappointment
  • Resentful and pessimistic because you perceive yourself to give and not receive
  • Jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst
  • On an emotional roller-coaster ride such that inner-peace and stability seem to elude you
  • A welcome appreciation for spirituality, beauty, and truth 
  • And much more...

7 of Diamonds: Relationship Patterns

  • Extremely charitable, generous, and giving of your time and resources
  • As the song goes, you can always rely on the kindness of strangers
  • You may carry a deep wound of betrayal from people you thought you could trust
  • Intimate relationships require a lot of personal work and can be co-dependent
  • Difficulty in truly letting your guard down and opening your heart to be vulnerable
  • Choosing romantic partners who need to be rescued or seeking rescue yourself in a relationship
  • Highly romantic, passionate, caring, and loyal.
  • And much more...

7 of Diamonds: Career Patterns

  • On the leading edge of trends, courageously trusting your own gut instincts
  • Great common sense and work ethic to build your own fortune
  • Wild twists of fortune, ups and downs, losses and gains 
  • Too materialistic and money focused and measuring your self-worth by your assets
  • Dreaming of big financial, business success and getting ahead of yourself
  • Always doing, always in motion, and thinking you need to be doing even more
  • Shrewd ability to upgrade things, to make them more beautiful and more valuable
  • And much more...

7 of Diamonds: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • Resilient, able to rebound easily from sickness back to a place of personal buoyancy
  • Naturally strong body and mind with innate endurance and upbeat attitude
  • Inner emotional turmoil, stifled feelings, and past trauma eat away at your wellbeing
  • In denial about your lack of wellbeing until you can no longer deny it
  • Sudden ruptures in your health knock you down and force you to focus on your health
  • Manic mood swings from enlightened advice-giving strength to fetal-position-on-the-bed depression
  • Valuing yourself enough to make your diet and exercise a top priority
  • And much more...
Spiral Bang

In The Beginning...

Before words, and for lack of a better word: you are a soul. And you are incarnated here, now to play a game.

The patterns below represent examples of both positive and negative expressions commonly associated with your Birth Card. 

You may recognize some or all of the following patterns in your life.

If you notice that your life reflects the positive patterns, it means that you are, to that extent, playing your Card right. Pun intended.

If, conversely, you notice more resonance with the negative patterns, then you are "off your game," and it is more likely that you are experiencing an unsatisfactory, unfulfilling life.