Your Guide To Living

A simple Five-Week Self-Study Program that shows you exactly how to play your cards right

This program is unique.

There's nowhere else in the world you can do a program like this to master the game of your life.

Here It Is!

The life direction you've always wished for... as if you could have a guardian angel or fairy godmother give you the magical keys to unlock the kingdom of your life. 

All contained in this totally unique, one-of-a-kind Five-Week Self-Study Program that shows you exactly how to play your cards right

And that's exactly what does happen when you do play your cards right: your entire life transforms as if by magic from an overwhelming sense of hopeless struggle into something more like a musical harmony of graceful action...

And you step across the threshold into personal fulfillment, career satisfaction, and heart-warming relationships.

Distilled From Many Years Of Miraculous (Yes, We Said Miraculous) Results With Our One-On-One Clients

This program is based on a proven methodology that transforms your life from the inside out. 

And because of our passion to reach more people with this game-changing knowledge, we distilled the nuggets of wisdom and guidance you need to play your cards right, and we packed them into this five-week program that you can do on your own.

The Inner-Transformation You Can Expect...

  • Eye-opening awareness that illuminates your blind spots, so that instead of worrying obsessively whether or not you might be missing something, you make confident, bold decisions

  • A deep inner cleaning of the cobwebs around your heart, so that instead of unconsciously resisting intimacy, you can effortlessly open your heart to romance and relationship

  • A big sigh of relief that allows you to relax into your own skin, so that instead of stressfully spinning your wheels trying to be someone you are not, you can honor yourself and say Yes to yourself

The bottom line is that knowing what's in the cards for you and playing your cards right transforms you into a more peaceful, loving, confident, healthier, empowered version of yourself.

Based on this inner-transformation, here are some of the miraculous outcomes people have experienced in their life...

  • Chronic, supposedly "incurable" health problems just disappeared 
  • After many years of cynical desperation, finding her soulmate and getting married in a fairytale wedding

  • As a small business owner, finally hitting his one-million dollar revenue goal

  • After countless dieting struggles, effortlessly losing weight without even trying

  • Saving a marriage that seemed utterly hopeless, even after marriage counseling had also proven futile

  • Following years of silent resentment, suddenly, easily breaking through the "glass ceiling" to become a female C-suite executive

Please Note: the results from your inner-transformation will vary, but they will be exactly what's right for you. 



A Five Week Self-Study Program To Help You Master The Game Of Your Life

Learn How To Play Your Birth Card And Your Personality Card Right

Your Birth Card is your primary energy template in this lifetime. It represents your primary life's purpose. It's why you're here.

Learning how to play your Birth Card right means fulfilling your life's purpose and satisfying your soul.

Your Personality Card is your secondary life pattern. It's the outer layer of who you are. And so, it's often how people perceive you and define you. In fact, it's a pattern that may rule your behavior.

Learning how to play your Personality Card right will positively transform your behavior and help you fulfill your life's purpose.

The Source Cards: on your game/off your game

Week 1: Dive in

  • Bring conscious awareness to unconscious patterns, so instead of wondering why your life happens the way it does and feeling powerless to change it, you can recognize the patterns of your life as your own creation. Read a bullet-pointed list (covering about 30 pages) that reveal the full range of positive and negative patterns for your Birth Card and Personality Card. (Note: if you do the program for each Card separately, it's about 15 pages of bullet-pointed content each.)

  • Gain an everyday template you can use for your whole life. Reflect on how you are creating both the negative and the positive patterns of your life.

  • Receive our expert guidance about how to integrate this knowledge and consciously activate your desired reality.
The Source Cards: coaching keys

Week 2: Pick up the keys

  • Get the silver bullets of diamond-cutting truth to penetrate your brain fog, cut through your consuming doubts, and give you laser-sharp clarity. Read a couple paragraphs of content describing in detail each of the three keys to play your Birth Card right. (And there are also three more keys to play your Personality Card right.)

  • Learn how to use these three keys. Get detailed instructions on how to unlock the unborn life that's scratching at the inside of your soul begging to be born into reality.

  • Utilize them. These keys work to unlock what may have seemed like the locked doors of your life. Start to use them yourself and notice what happens.

The Source Cards: coaching exercise

Week 3: Receive your first coaching exercises

  • Get a simple set of practices like brushing your teeth to clean and polish your soul on a daily basis. Gain Alexander's transformational coaching wisdom in an audio recording that guides you through two coaching exercises, one for your Birth Card and one for your Personality Card. (Note: If you do the program for one Card at a time, you will have one coaching exercise to do each week.)

  • Unique practices. Each coaching exercise is specific for that card to support you to play that card right in your life. Examples of the types of coaching exercises include a guided meditation, a journalling exercise, verbal mantra to repeat, customized breathing exercise, directed physical exercise, detailed visualization practice, etc.

  • Take action. Do the exercises. Build the "spiritual" muscles you need.
The Source Cards: coaching exercise

Week 4: Receive your second set of coaching exercises

  • Know what you need to do and how to do it. It's simple, for example, once someone shows you how to tie your soul laces, so you're not tripping and falling on yourself. Receive Alexander's transformational coaching wisdom in an audio recording that guides you through two more coaching exercises, one for your Birth Card and one for your Personality Card. (Or again: only one coaching exercise if you prefer to do each program one at a time.)

  • Specific tools. Again, the coaching exercises vary card by card. These are card-specific tools and practices for each card that have, over the years, repeatedly proven to initiate profound inner transformation. 

  • Optimize your state of being. We've made it as simple as possible. But it's still up to you to do the inner-work.
The Source Cards: create your vision

Week 5: Consciously construct your life

  • Engage in a simple but profound self-discovery writing exercise to envision, write, and create the life that pours forth from the depths of your soul onto the canvas of your life.

  • Clinically proven. This final exercise is based upon a personality inventory exercise that has been proven in clinical studies to dramatically improve the overall outcomes of people's lives.
  • Create your life. It's your story. How does your story end?

This program took me into a depth of myself I had never gone to before.

Going through this program I started to feel myself more clearly. So, I started being nicer to myself.

I found that it gives me permission to be the highest version of myself. Where before I thought it was arrogant to think I might be able to do these things, this program takes away the self-questioning and gives me confirmation to trust myself.

Is this program practical? Ha! Everything about this program is practical! 

There's an expansiveness here, too... It's become a resource for me. I like knowing I have it and can go back to it. I find more in it each time.

~ Marybeth Armitage

I'm so VERY impressed by the depth and life-changing power of The Guide to Living program!!

I've been on a conscious healing journey for many years and was initially concerned that it wouldn't go deep enough to be meaningful for me...

But it was an amazing experience to see how spot on the coaching exercises were to support me in my life.

This program validated what I’ve learned about myself so far and helped me connect the dots in a way I'd never seen before. 

I now use this program as an everyday-reference guide to support me in creating more grace and ease in my life.

~ Kathryn Taylor-Curtice

Financial Planner & Brennan Healing Science Practitioner


With this Guide to Living Self-Study Program, it is our profound intention to help you realize your highest and greatest potential in this lifetime.

Your Investment

The Guide to Living Self-Study Program for your Birth Card is

$65 paid in three monthly installments

$175 in a one-time payment

The Guide to Living Self-Study Program for your Personality Card
is available at a discount...

$45 paid in three monthly installments

$125 in a one-time payment

We've kept the pricing separate for each program
to give you the option of purchasing and working through each Five-Week Self Study Program separately. 

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QUESTION: How do I know which is my Birth Card and which is my Personality Card? 

You can look them up here on our home page.

QUESTION: Should I do the Guide to Living Programs for my Birth Card & my Personality Card separately or together?

It depends. Each one can be done separately. And each Guide is a lot to process. If you know you'll want time to process each Guide in depth, then perhaps do each Guide to Living Program separately.

However, if possible, we recommend you get them together and go through them at the same time. The reason we recommend this approach is that the Birth Card and the Personality Card together reveal the fundamental patterns of your life. And so, by doing the programs together, you'll get a comprehensive picture of your life.

These Guide to Living Programs are lifelong reference Guides. They are deep wells of information that you can dive into deeper and deeper over time. And because of the nature of this content, on the first pass through your Guide to Living Program, you may only be able to go to a certain depth of self-discovery with them anyway. That's OK. Take in what you can and return to these Guides at a later date.

In fact, we anticipate that you'll come back to these Guides again and again to utilize them as reference Guides for your whole life. So, the idea is to go through these Guides together and then come back again to review them more in depth, time after time, as you grow and evolve.

The Way To Purchase

It's a two-step process to get both Guides... one for your Birth Card and one for your Personality Card:

  1. First click below on your Birth Card. Then, complete the purchase on the next screen.
  2. Immediately after, on the next page, if you want, select your Personality Card and purchase the Guide to Living Program for your Personality Card.

You can also wait and purchase your Personality Card Self-Study Program at a later date and still receive the discounted rate. 

NOTE: If your Personality Card is the same as your Birth Card, there is no need to also purchase the Guide to Living for your Personality Card because it's the exact same Guide.

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