The Parable
Of The Fish
And The Tree

What Is The Right Way For You In Your Life?

What are your authentic gifts?

Who is the right relationship partner for you?

What kind of work will satisfy your soul?

The Source Cards reveal your soul's blueprint for this life. They give you the roadmap to live your best life.

This roadmap to your soul-satisfying life, however, may not be what you were taught to believe about yourself and your life by, fill-in-the-blank... parents, religion, school, society. 

Growing up, you may have, like a sponge, soaked up a limiting, small, or false idea of what you should do, how you should behave, and how you should live in order to find "happiness" and "success" in your life.

As a result, you may have been using a limiting, small, or false roadmap for your life, one that just doesn't fit you because it's the wrong roadmap, for you. It orients you in the wrong direction, with the wrong parameters, and the wrong strategy, for you.

The problem, then, is that you may have been like a fish trying to find happiness and success by trying to climb a tree.

It means with all your good intentions and all your good efforts, in your life, your career, and your relationships, you've been trying to do the impossible. And worse, it also means you've probably gotten upset and angry with yourself that you just can't seem to climb that damn tree!

It means that very likely you've been fighting an exhausting inner battle, struggling against your own interest, not sure which voice in your head to trust.

It means that you may feel stuck, unfulfilled, and incomplete.

It means that you may suffer.

And not just a mental malaise and psychological disquiet! Not just the bitterness in your heart that results from believing it's hopeless to try because anything you do is pointless!

No, worse than that. When you are completely Off Your Game, like a fish trying to climb a tree, it makes you physically ill.


Here's A Story To Illustrate The Problem And The Solution

A woman, age 52, married with two children came to me (Alexander) for Source Coaching.

She came because she wanted to live her purpose in life, but she felt hopelessly stuck.  

She said she had done a lot of personal work and spiritual work, and she rattled off a long list of spiritual modalities and personal growth programs she had done. But despite all that, she still felt "clueless" about "what she was here to do" with her life.

As the conversation continued, she also mentioned that she had been trying to find healing for the nagging, debilitating physical symptoms she experienced. But here, too, nothing seemed to work. And so, among other things, she continued to suffer from extreme fatigue.

She worked as a property manager and was good at her job. "But," she said, "she felt like she should be doing something else with her life."

Looking at her Source Cards, I could see that she had a natural aptitude for management and organization, and I told her so. She agreed, but also didn't feel like this was a "valuable" contribution and felt like she should do something else more "spiritual" with her life.

She was, thus, devaluing her work and her authentic gifts. And because she did so, she kept looking for her value in a different version of her life that she believed would make her feel valuable and worthy. 

She was, in other words, trying to live a mental fiction and then judging herself for not being able to live out her own fictional account of who she thought she should be. And she kept trying to climb that tree because she believed that only climbing that tree would make her happy and fulfilled. 

Through the process of the coaching and healing work, she had a massive breakthrough. In her own words, she realized, "I've never accepted myself for who I am. My whole life, I've been trying to fit myself into a mold and I could never quite do it."

After her realization, a month went by until our next appointment together.

When we met again, she started off right away sharing: "I made a decision. After our last session, I decided to accept myself and live my life based on my soul, not based on what I think I should be. Now, I'm OK with who I am."

(Notice the distinction between "living from her soul" and her previous attempt to be "spiritual" where she was trying to live out an idea of what she thought it meant to be "spiritual." Living from her soul meant total, complete self-acceptance.)

"And," she said, "now I have a spring in my step. I'm so much more energized. Plus, all the physical symptoms have gone away. I used to have an irregular heartbeat, and sometimes it would feel like it was beating out of my chest. I couldn't sleep. My hair was falling out in clumps. My weight would fluctuate radically up and down. Now, all of that has reversed."

I was dumbfounded by her miraculous results.

I kept prodding to make sure I was hearing her correctly. I asked her if she had been working with any doctors or healers or physical trainers, etc. "No, she said. You're the only person I'm working with right now. And the only thing that changed was that, thanks to you, I finally started accepting myself."

Her entire physical wellbeing changed because she stopped trying to live a life that was not authentic to her and because she stopped judging herself for not being able to live that life.

Wow. Right?

That's how powerful we are. We hurt ourselves physically with our own self-judgments... believing we are stupid or incapable because we just can't seem to climb that damn tree.

That's why it can be totally life-changing to discover your Source Cards, re-orient your awareness, and start consciously playing your cards right.

Knowing your Source Cards helps you let go of trying to be something you are not and trying to live a life that is not yours to live. It validates your authentic self. And it gives you a clear map to live your best life, the life that lights up your soul.


Our Free Gift To You

In the story above of a woman coming to see me for coaching, we hadn't yet created this Source Cards website.

Now, you can read about your Birth Card and Personality Card right here on the website. It was from the Knowledge of these two Cards that everything changed for the woman in the story. What transformed her life, gave her a spring in her step and healed all her physical ailments was her realization of what her Birth Card and Personality Card meant for her in her life.

And to help you have the same realization she had, we've also created a free welcome video with instructions to help you digest the meaning of these two Cards, integrate them, and apply them in your life.

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