The Source Cards Began As A Love Story

We are here to work together in service of humanity.

Separately, we were each on our own personal journeys of self-discovery and healing. Our individual journeys led us together.

We realize it's only together that we can complete our journey of growth and evolution. It's only together that we can fulfill our life's purpose.

Our unique partnership serves to elevate the consciousness of humanity.

Our union is a healing offering to help restore the balance of the masculine and feminine energies on this planet. And the way we work together is in a balance of the masculine and feminine. Alexander focuses on the proactive, goal-directed work of coaching. Meanwhile, Viki focuses on the receptive, nurturing process of healing.

Even the way we teach and share the real meaning of the playing cards arises from the union of our masculine and feminine synergy. We believe that our union brings forth a complete and whole story of these cards which restores their sacred potency.

We believe The Source Cards represent a stepping stone for humanity to help us all step up to a more harmonious, sustainable, and joyful existence together on this planet.

Thank you for participating in our love story with humanity.

We are here in loving service to your highest and greatest good.

And when we're not working...

You'll probably find us doing yoga in our living room. Viki also likes her self-rolfing tools. She has a whole arsenal of them! Alexander, meanwhile, likes to stretch and then go for bike rides. He loves feeling the wind in his hair.

On Sundays, you'll find us watching NFL football. Viki is a huge New Orlean's Saints fan. Alexander just likes a good game, no matter who is playing.

And with our two teenage kids, we enjoy playing cards and board games. We play bridge and poker. And we're always on the lookout for fun, exciting new board games or card games. (So let us know if you have any recommendations.)

Probably because we love to eat so much, we enjoy cooking and creating new recipes in the kitchen. Friday night may well be "dinner and a movie" date night. Here, too, if you have any recommendations of good movies or good recipes, please let us know. We appreciate the art of great film and delicious food.

We've also started taking ballroom dance lessons. That's our latest passion: dancing together.

And again, we want to say Thank You for visiting our website. We hope our creation of The Source Cards helps you to find the playfulness, joy, and satisfaction of your life.

with all our love,
Alexander & Viki

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About Alexander Dunlop

 is a Guide and Teacher who helps people play their cards right, from darkness to light. He is the Amazon best selling author of Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life On Earth. A charismatic speaker and workshop leader who provides life-changing counsel to clients located on six continents, Alexander powerfully guides people towards the fullest expression of who they are.

Previously, over the course of his diversified professional career, Alexander worked as a corporate consultant on Wall Street, held a Director of Marketing position at a software company, and worked as a Vice President of operations for a commercial construction company. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded a holistic health center and started a non-profit music organization that put on legal raves in Central Park, New York.

Meanwhile, Alexander’s personal journey led him through intensive study in various spiritual traditions, including training as a Roman Catholic priest, working as an Evangelical Protestant Minister, and traveling to India to meditate and undergo initiation as a Swami. He also apprenticed in the indigenous shamanic ways of the Lakota and Shipibo traditions. In addition to his spiritual mastery, he has holistically healed himself of several supposedly “incurable” medical ailments.

Named by CoachVille USA as one of 25 Super Hero Coaches nationwide, Alexander has been featured in Forbes Magazine and been interviewed by numerous media, including A Better World TV and Good Day New York. He is the author of 123 IB, a full-length book of spiritual photography and poetry (2006). He is a certified teacher of yoga and is a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He holds a Master’s degree in Roman Catholic Theology from Weston Jesuit Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard.

Along the way, he has been known to do some epic shit. Alexander ran with the bulls in Pamplona and touched one of the bulls while it ran. He cycled the West Coast of America from Vancouver down to Los Angelos. He also rafted the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. 

Based on his birthday, Alexander is playing the 9 of Hearts with a 7 of Clubs personality. 

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About Viki Scudiery

Viki is a master healer who helps people to clear whatever is holding them back from living a healthy, joyful life. She completed the four-year Barbara Brennan School of Healing program and is also a certified Theta Healer. And yet, she has developed here own unique healing practice. What Viki does in her healing is go directly to God and allow God's healing energy to come through her as a vessel.

Her journey to become a healer began with her own unresolved medical issues. After many years of frustration with doctors, she went to see an energy healer. And her medical issue, which doctors had not been able to solve for 6 years, suddenly resolved overnight.

Prior to beginning her healing career, she was a professional model for 25+ years. She travelled the world for her modeling career before going back to school to become a healer. Viki holds a degree in arts management. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from CW Post College.

Music is her soul. She loves to sing and has performed at rock venues like The Bitter End. In 2006, she wrote and produced her own album of jazzy, soulful music called Viki Gemini. You can find her music on any streaming service.

Based on her birthday, Viki is playing the 5 of Diamonds with a Queen of Spades personality.