The Source Cards Began As A Love Story

Separately, we were each on our own personal journeys of self-discovery and healing. Our individual journeys led us together. And we realized it's only together that we can complete our personal processes of discovery and growth.

And it's only in working together for the growth and evolution of humanity that we can complete our own personal growth and evolution. In other words:

It's only in teaching what we teach that we learn what we want to learn.

Thus, we offer the Source Cards as a teaching tool for the sake of everyone's growth and evolution, ours included!

And what are these Source Cards we teach?

For you personally, they are a grand permission slip for you to be who you know you are. They are a key that unlocks your awareness of your own being. They are a symbolic focal point that crystalizes the game you're here to play.

Collectively, for all of us, they are a stepping stone of consciousness that provides the metaphysical foundation for a more enlightened society. They are the ancient-new Law Tables prophesied by Friedrich Nietzsche. They are the archetypes of the collective unconscious that we can now make conscious. And as such, they provide the right growing conditions for all of us to blossom together into a more harmonious existence on this planet. 

And for us personally, supporting the collective blossoming of humanity is the most fun, exciting thing we can think of doing!

So, thank you for participating in our love story with humanity.

For our own highest and greatest good and for all beings everywhere, we are here in loving service to your highest and greatest good.

How we met...

People often ask us how we met, and then they love hearing what they call our "meet-cute" story. So, we decided to write down our story of how we met. Click here to read it.

When we're not working...

You'll probably find us doing yoga in our living room. Viki also likes her self-rolfing tools, especially her block therapy! Alexander, meanwhile, likes to go for bike rides. He loves feeling the wind in his hair.

On Sundays, during football season, you may find us watching NFL football. Viki is a New Orleans Saints fan, and Alexander likes the Miami Dolphins.

With our two teenage kids, we enjoy playing cards and board games. We play Bridge, Hearts, and Rummy 500. We're always on the lookout for fun, exciting new board games or card games. So, let us know if you have any recommendations!

Probably because we love to eat, we enjoy cooking and creating new recipes in the kitchen. Friday night may well be "dinner and a movie" date night. Here, too, if you have any recommendations of good movies or good recipes, please let us know. We appreciate the art of great film and delicious food.

We've also started taking ballroom dance lessons. That's our latest passion: dancing together.

And again, we want to say Thank You for visiting our website. We hope our creation of the Source Cards helps you to discover and rediscover the playfulness, fun, and love of your life.

May you live your life like it's your favorite game to play!

with all our love,
Alexander & Viki

Alexander Dunlop & Viki Scudiery Spiritual Teachers of The Deck of 52 Playing Cards


Media Bio For Alexander

 is a guide and teacher who helps people to play their cards right, from darkness to light. He is the Amazon best-selling author of Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life On Earth. 

Over the course of his diverse professional career, Alexander worked as a corporate consultant on Wall Street and held a Director of Marketing position at a software company. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded a holistic health center and in his spare time, started a non-profit music org that produced legal raves called "Festivus" in Central Park, New York.

Meanwhile, Alexander’s personal journey led him through intensive study in various spiritual traditions and traveling to India to undergo initiation as a Swami. He also apprenticed in the indigenous shamanic ways of the Lakota and Shipibo traditions. In addition, he holistically healed himself of several “incurable” medical ailments.

Named by CoachVille USA as one of 25 Super Hero Coaches nationwide, Alexander has been featured in Forbes Magazine and been interviewed by numerous media. He is the author of 123 IB, a full-length book of spiritual poetry. He is a certified teacher of yoga and is a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). He holds a Master’s degree in Roman Catholic Theology from Weston Jesuit Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from Harvard.

Alexander won a gold medal in rowing with Harvard crew when they won the Head of the Charles Regatta and set the course record. He was also part of a state championship tennis team in high school. He has run with the bulls in Pamplona, cycled from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and rafted the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. 

Based on his birthday, Alexander is playing the 9 of Hearts with a 7 of Clubs personality. 

Viki Scudiery

Media Bio For Viki

Viki is a healer who helps people to clear whatever is holding them back from living a healthy, joyful life. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and is also a certified Theta Healer. And yet, she has developed her own unique healing practice. What Viki does in her healing is go directly to God and allow God's healing energy to come through her as a vessel. In her practice, she has witnessed miracles of physical and emotional healing.

Her journey to become a healer began with her own unresolved medical issues. After many years of frustration with doctors, she went to see an energy healer. And after only one session with that healer, her medical issue, which doctors had not been able to solve for six years, suddenly resolved overnight.

Prior to beginning her healing career, she was a professional model for 25+ years. She travelled the world for her modeling career before going back to school to become a healer. It was through her travels in the beautiful places of the world that she re-awakened her own spirituality. As a little girl going to Church, she often felt so nauseous in Church that she had to be helped outside to get fresh air. After those experiences as a little girl, she hadn't wanted anything more to do with religion or spirituality... until she rediscovered her own spirituality.

Music is her soul. Viki loves to sing and has performed at rock venues like The Bitter End. In 2006, she wrote and produced her own album of jazzy, soulful music called Viki Gemini. You can find her music on any streaming service. Viki graduated Summa Cum Laude from CW Post College. She holds a degree in arts management. 

Based on her birthday, Viki is playing the 5 of Diamonds with a Queen of Spades personality.


Viki and Alexander's Meet-Cute Story

On the day we met...

From Viki's perspective:

I had reconnected with a friend on Facebook who I hadn’t seen in years. We tried scheduling a lunch date about six times, and each time our lunch got canceled for one reason or another. Finally we made a plan to meet at 12:30 pm for lunch! It was pouring rain. And actually, one of the other times we were supposed to meet it was also pouring rain, and she canceled because of the weather. This time…no cancellation.

I got to the cafe and waited on a stool at the counter and watched the rain outside. In front of me was a large platter of food. She was running late, and I waited. 

Then, in walks a very handsome man. I noticed him right away as he went to the counter and ordered a tea. A bit shy, I turned back around to face the window. Then, I felt him walk behind me and to my left! He was fidgeting with his umbrella. 

And then I hear the words, “Is all that for you?” referring to the platter of food in front of me. (He’s talking to me!)

“No” I reply.

Then, he says, “What are you doing here at this time of day?” “Well”, I reply, “I don’t have a normal job.”  Then he says, “Oh, I don’t have a normal job either. What do you do?” “….I’m an energy healer.” 

He looked stunned as he went into his pocket to take out his business card. He handed me a card that was full of information and numbers…huh? I was trying to read it while he was talking to me, and I was getting a bit lost and zoned out. Then, he proceeds to do a reading for me on the spot. 

We talked for awhile. I was half listening because I actually had the thought while he was talking to me, “I think this might be my guy.” (Meaning soulmate life partner). Turns out he’s a spiritual life coach, and he uses the regular deck of playing cards as a toolkit to guide people. Ok that’s definitely not normal. 


Finally, my friend showed up, 45 minutes late. Just enough time for Alexander and I to make a connection. I gave Alexander my business card, and then he left. I had lunch with my friend, and then never saw her again. 

From Alexander's perspective:

I went to my favorite lunch spot right near my old office in the Flatiron district. And I had learned to go there after the lunch rush at about 2 pm, so as to avoid the long line. On this particular day, I walked in and there was a beautiful woman sitting by herself on a stool at the counter. I walked past her to the other end of the counter where I placed my order and picked up my cappuccino. 

As I walked back past her towards the door, I was trying to think of something to say. At the doorway, I pretended to fumble with my umbrella, preparing to walk back outside into the drizzling rain. I felt my nervousness rising. But I didn't want to walk out the door without saying something, anything! I had to think of something to say fast!

As it happened, sitting on the counter in front of her was a large platter of catered food, already plastic wrapped and obviously placed there in preparation for delivery. Not knowing what else to say, I blurted out: "Is all that for you?" She turned and shook her head No, but by her smile, I could tell she was not appalled by my awkward inquisition. 

So I asked her: "What are you doing here at this time of the day?" "Oh," she said, "I don't have a normal job." Intrigued and excited, I blurted out, "Oh, I don't have a normal job either! What do you do?" Now, it was her turn to be self-conscious... as she hemmed and hawed and finally told me that she is "an energy healer." I sat down and started telling her all about what I do... I also asked her for her birthday. And then, I don't think I drew breath for the next twenty minutes as I spewed out for her all about the Cards and all about her Cards and what it meant for her life.

Eventually, her friend showed up. We exchanged business cards. The next day, I emailed her and we agreed to meet up for lunch the following Monday.

Our First Date (Told from Alexander's perspective):

On our first date, we returned to the same lunch cafe. We took our food to-go in a nearby park and when it started raining, we ventured inside for a cup of tea. I then asked her if she would like to come up and see my office, where I saw my clients for my coaching & healing practice.

I had, at the time, a whole altar of crystals which had gotten very dusty. She offered to help me clean them. So, we took them to the kitchen sink and washed them. When I was done washing them, she scolded me saying, "Is that all you're going to do? They're still dirty." So, she proceeded to wash them more for me.

Then, I asked her if she would like to meditate together. I had a large office space with meditation cushions. 

When we set up the meditation pillows, I began to move mine closer towards her so that our knees, sitting in the cross-legged position, were moving closer together almost to the point of touching. As I started moving closer, she put up her hands and said: "No, that's close enough."

As the afternoon went on, we continued talking. We found that we had so much to talk about that we decided to keep talking and go for dinner together, which we did at a nearby Thai restaurant.

After dinner, at about 8 pm on this warm June evening, we were strolling back to Union Square. It was still light out. We reached Union Square, and in a moment of spontaneous excitement, I said: "Let's go out dancing!" "No," she said: "Let's call it a night." A little surprised, I nonetheless agreed. After a pause, I moved in for a good-night kiss. Again, she put up her hand and said: "No, let's save it." Now, I was really taken aback! But, we did hug. And so began our story together...

Viki’s perspective of the first date:

I agree with Alexander's perspective on our first date except for the ending.

Yes, we strolled down Broadway toward Union Square and our respective subway stops. It was still light outside in the evening dusk. And in Union Square, there was a large gathering of some kind of rally or protest, people waving banners and such. As we stood nearby, Alexander excitedly suggested to me that the night was still young, and we could go out dancing. I thought he was kidding and said, “Let’s do it next time.”

Then he asked, “can I kiss you?” And I said, “No, let’s save it.”

And then, this is the part he forgot.

He asked if we could put our foreheads together for a moment, which we did, and then, we hugged. Right at that moment we heard loud cheering behind us. It was from the rally in the square, but the timing was perfect. It sure did feel like it was for us! And I can't believe he forgot this part when he would tell people the story of our first date!

Alexander again:

Yes, I did forget that part at the end. It's true! Why? Because I was so baffled by the fact that you didn't even want to give me a good night kiss! I went home and talked it over with a friend, over many drinks, wondering if you really just wanted to be friends instead. It was very confusing!

But I'm glad you reminded me of the synchronistic experience of people cheering right at the moment we hugged.