Where do The Source Cards come from? How old are they?

Short answer: We don't know for sure.

Long answer: It involves obscure Biblical references, persecution, book burnings, Zoroastrian priests, Sumerian myth, Kabbalah, the Book of Thoth, and ancient aliens. And some say this Knowledge goes all the way back to the civilization of Atlantis.

It would make a great plot for an extraordinary tale about our life on Earth. Oh! Wait, a minute. It is the story of our life on Earth!

(And if the history of these Cards is interesting to you, read more in Alexander's book.)

How did you discover this? How did you find out the real meaning of the playing cards?

At a loft party in Brooklyn. Yup. Cue Biggie Smalls: "Where Brooklyn at, Where Brooklyn at..."

But even though it resonated powerfully when someone first introduced me to the hidden meaning of these "playing cards," I (Alexander talking) was quite skeptical. Plus, the way it was introduced to me was as part of a fortune-telling system.

Now, at the time, I was doing regular Ayahuasca ceremonies (2008-2012). And it was in ceremony where I set my intention to learn the true meaning of these "playing cards." It was then that the direct downloads started coming, and I started realizing what these "playing cards" really are.

I started seeing the visual language of the pip patterns and the sacred geometry and all the connections to the Tree of Life and the Flower of Life -- all the connections to the deeper Knowledge of life, hidden in plain sight, just behind the veil of consciousness, hidden in an object that had been right in front of my face my entire life, growing up playing Go Fish and War with my sister, sitting on her bed with the pink flowered comforter.

What's the difference between the Source Cards and Tarot Cards?

Well, one is based on math and reveals the structure of our space-time matrix. The other is based on divination. So, it's like the difference between science and art.

With The Source Cards, your cards are pre-determined based on mathematic and esoteric calculations.  As in astrology, where the planets are where they are based on the date and time of your birth, your Cards are what they are based on the date of your birth. With Tarot Cards, in contrast, the cards for each reading are based on shuffling and pulling cards from the deck.

How do the mathematics work? How did you calculate my Birth Card?

Good question! We made a whole separate page on the basic math. It includes a fun math riddle.

Is there a connection between the Source Cards and Astrology? 

Short Answer: Yes. 

Long Answer: Also, yes.

How did you calculate my Personality Card?

Using astrology.

Your Personality Card is one of the 8 planetary cards that are part of your overall Life Path of 13+ Cards. The planetary card that is your Personality Card is whichever planet "rules" the astrological sign of your birth. 

And unwinding these esoteric calculations is getting into the nuts and bolts of this ancient system of Knowledge. And it can certainly be fun to dive in and discover how it all works. But truthfully, you don't need to know how your flat screen TV works in order to enjoy Netflix.

What is the connection between the Source Cards and Numerology?

This is also a deep topic. 

In The Source Cards, as in numerology, each number does have a meaning. And the Source Cards reveal a language of life that is based on numbers. Also, as in numerology, we do add up the numbers to form meaningful calculations. So, yes, there's a deep connection.

Is this Cartomancy?

Well, historically, cartomancy has meant fortune-telling with playing cards. And The Source Cards are not for fortune telling. So, in that sense, No, this is not cartomancy.

But more broadly speaking, we are, of course, reading the meaning of these Cards as a means for guidance and direction. Sometimes, instead of cartomancy, people call this same discipline cardology or metasymbology.

How is it possible that everyone born on the same day has the same Cards to play? 

That is, indeed, a question worth reflecting on. 

The Source Cards reveal the patterns of life. That's all. What we choose to do with these patterns is entirely up to us. We can feel trapped or victimized by these recurring patterns. Or, we can choose to play them, like we might play a musical instrument.

And how you play your cards determines the trajectory and outcome of your life. So two people with the same exact Cards to play can have completely different outcomes in their life.

So, what about Free Will?

Your Cards are set for your life based on your date of birth, that's true. But, again, how you choose to play your cards makes all the difference. And that is your free will.

We also believe that as a soul you choose your Cards to play. And you do that, as a soul, by choosing your birth date.

Again: deep topic.

What's the difference between my Birth Card and my Personality Card?

We cover this question in our free Welcome Video

Do The Source Cards show who would be my best romantic partner?

Yes. That's a big YES.

In fact, that's one of Viki's favorite topics. Don't get her started. Or actually, DO get her started.

We are going to create a simple class for this topic. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can read in Alexander's book about which Cards are a good fit for you romantically, and then you can look for people who are born to play those Cards. 

Can The Source Cards help me to improve my relationships?

Yes. And this is pure magic.

When you know people's cards, you know what makes them tick. And when you know that, lightbulbs go off in your brain, and then, interestingly, compassion automatically arises.

We've seen this happen over and over again.

Two people who've been squabbling find out each others' Cards to play, and it's as if their eyes are suddenly opened. A veil is lifted. Then, effortlessly, they drop their implicit expectations, relax their defenses, and open up to an authentic connection. 

Can I use The Source Cards to help me pick my business partners? And hire the right people?

Yes! Absolutely.

That's a perfect use of this Knowledge. Think of musical chords. Some notes go together. Some don't. Or change the metaphor: it's like oil and water, some energies just don't mix. Others mix up to make the best damn apple pie you've ever tasted.

So, yes, consciously pick people who will be the right ingredients to your success. Surround yourself with people who will energetically -- through the patterns of their being -- amplify your gifts, support your goals, and bring out your best.

To do this well, however, you'll need to know some basics of the relationship dynamics in The Source Cards. (Stay tuned. We will create a class for this topic soon.)

Why do you call it the Personality Card and not the Planetary Ruling Card?

This is a technical Card nerd question.

We call it the Personality Card because that's how it functions in your life. It's your persona. 

Plus, we have found over the years that people who do not know astrology are confused by the idea of a "ruling" card. "Ruling what? What do you mean ruling?" So, to keep it simple, we call it the Personality Card.

I had previously learned that Scorpios have two Planetary Ruling Cards? Why do you only list one?

This is an advanced technical question.

If you know the why's and wherefore's of this question, congratulations, you're officially a Card geek. If you don't know what this question refers to, you can breathe easy and move on with your life.

The short technical answer is that for everyone, not just Scorpios, the Pluto Card is the next most important planetary card in the Life Path. So because it's the next most important planetary influence for everyone, it's a moot point to assign secondary planetary value to the Pluto Card only for Scorpios.

How do I know if I'm playing my cards right?

Ahh grasshopper. 

When you're playing your cards right, you'll know. Angels will be singing the Hallelujah chorus softly outside your bedroom window each morning. No seriously, that's a funny story.

Look for synchronicity. That's the sign.

How do I get started playing my cards right?

Watch our free Welcome Video.

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