Happy Birthday

June 25th


We're grateful you're here to play this game of life with us.

And we're excited you're here on our website. It's the fulfillment of our purpose to share this ancient Knowledge with you. So, thank you for participating in our joy!

Because you are born on the date of June 25th, it means you are born to play the 5 of Clubs with a 10 of Spades personality.

The 5 of Clubs is the primary pattern of your life. It is like your Avatar. It's your entrance token to the game of your life.

The 10 of Spades is the secondary pattern of your life. It reflects your outward personality and may rule your behavior.

Famous people born on June 25th

All of these people share your cards to play. Like you, they were born to play the 5 of Clubs overlaid with a 10 of Spades personality.

Notice the recurring themes in their lives.


Antoni Gaudi

Born to play the 5 of Clubs / 10 of Spades

Architectural genius best known for his cathedral in Barcelona called Sagrada Familia; he suffered a tragic death when he was run over by a tram car; many of his buildings are now listed as UNESCO world heritage sites



Lord Mountbatten

Born to play the 5 of Clubs / 10 of Spades

British statesman who was Supreme Allied Commander of all operations in Southeast Asia during WW II and was the British governor of India charged to oversee the transition of power back to India; controversially, he decided to partition India into two separate states, India and Pakistan, believing that it was politically impossible to maintain a united India; on a personal level, he was known for his many extra-marital affairs; posthumously he has been accused by various credible sources of orchestrating orgy parties to rape young boys aged 8 - 12 who were trafficked to his residence for the occasion; he was killed by an IRA {Irish Republican Army} terrorist plot when a bomb was placed on his boat


George Orwell

Born to play the 5 of Clubs / 10 of Spades

British writer famous for his books on the dangers of fascism, communism, political correctness and totalitarian states; among his best known books are Animal Farm and 1984; many of his phrases have become part of popular lexicon, including the phrases "Big Brother" and the "Thought Police;" he was known to be argumentative and a heavy smoker; he died young of tuberculosis at age 46



Willis Reed

Born to play the 5 of Clubs / 10 of Spades

NBA basketball player who famously started Game 7 even though he had a torn muscle and could barely walk; after the game, a moved Howard Cosell told Reed on national television, "You exemplify the very best that the human spirit can offer."


Anthony Bourdain

Born to play the 5 of Clubs / 10 of Spades

American celebrity chef and travel documentarian who killed himself in an impulsive act of suicide by hanging himself in his chic French hotel where he was on set to film an episode of his successful show; his mother told The New York Times: "He is absolutely the last person in the world I would have ever dreamed would do something like this;" he was known to be a heavy smoker who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day


Ricky Gervais

Born to play the 5 of Clubs / 10 of Spades

British comedian, television producer and television personality


George Michael

Born to play the 5 of Clubs / 10 of Spades

British pop superstar who is one of the world's best-selling artists; known as a sex symbol, he eventually came out as gay; he was arrested multiple times for public lewdness, including sexual acts in public restrooms; he struggled with substance abuse; he was found dead in his home at age 53


Your Name Goes Here

Born to play the 5 of Clubs / 10 of Spades

What will it look like for you to play your cards right? What will you be remembered for?

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