Source Cards Mastermind Series: Level One

This 12-Part Mastermind class series will be taught over 12 Months on Saturdays.

The first class is Saturday August 5th at 12 Noon ET.

These classes will be taught together with live coaching and guided healing meditations.

They are intended as practical guidance on how to play your cards right in your life, your relationships, and your career, so that you can truly start to master the game of your life.

Enrollment closes on August 4th.


A Blueprint For Life

Discover The Road Map To A Soul-Satisfying Reality

In this master class, you will learn this ancient and extraordinarily accurate system of Knowledge for yourself, so you can navigate your own life, your career, and your relationships with graceful awareness.

Remember: for a long time this Knowledge was deemed too powerful for people to know. That's how powerful it is! It was hidden and it was persecuted.

Now, finally, you have a chance to learn this Knowledge for yourself and apply it in your own life.

Stay tuned for more classes coming soon!