Awaken To The Magic Of The Source Cards

Find out how to make this knowledge of the Source Cards click in your life.

In this 75-minute class, you'll learn:

  • How to interpret each of the 13 Cards in your Life Path.
  • Why you get tripped up and blocked in your life.
  • How to activate your deepest soul's yearning.
  • How to transform all your relationships into positive experiences.

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Activate The Authentic Power of Your Birth Card

Stop trying to be someone you are not. Start blossoming into the person you know you could be.

In this introductory coaching call, Alexander will lead you through a simple but powerful exercise designed to dissolve a sticky layer of mental conditioning that -- until you do peal it away -- prevents you from living your own life to the fullest.

Get Ready For Some Laser-Sharp Metaphysical Heart Surgery.

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A Blueprint For Life

Discover The Road Map To A Soul-Satisfying Reality

In this master class, you will learn this ancient and extraordinarily accurate system of Knowledge for yourself, so you can navigate your own life, your career, and your relationships with graceful awareness.

Remember: for a long time this Knowledge was deemed too powerful for people to know. That's how powerful it is! It was hidden and it was persecuted.

Now, finally, you have a chance to learn this Knowledge for yourself and apply it in your own life.

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The Source Cards Classes: A Blueprint For Relationships

A Blueprint For Relationships

Discover The Road Map To Soul-Satisfying Relationships

In this master class, you will gain the tools and the mindset to consciously create uplifting, stimulating, and nurturing relationships.

Tune into this sacred, ancient Knowledge as taught by Alexander & Viki to receive the direct transmission for romantic fulfillment.

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Stay tuned for more classes coming soon!