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Well, are you yearning to move forward and live your best life?

The Source Cards provide you with the roadmap and the blueprint for your life.

But the choice of what to do with this roadmap and blueprint is still yours to make.

And how you choose to play your cards is the key to the outcome you experience in your life.

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Based on your birthday, you have a 13+ Cards in your Life Path. Each Card reveals a different aspect of your overall life experience. For example, your...

Mercury Card symbolizes the way you think, how you communicate, and the mental formation from your childhood experiences. 

Venus Card reveals what you desire, which is your inner compass in life; in romantic relationships, this pattern is what you desire of the feminine and/or how you express your feminine side. 

Mars Card reveals how you go after your goals in life and how you structure your life; in romantic relationships, this pattern is what you desire of the masculine and/or how you express your masculine side. 

Jupiter Card reveals how you can expand your horizons and bring more overall abundance into your life including financial abundance. 

Saturn Card indicates the life lesson you must learn in order to align your life, so that you find health, harmony, and well-being in your life. 

Neptune Card is a superpower you possess. But it's probably cloaked in illusion or delusion, and thus you may not know how to utilize it as a superpower in your life. 

Pluto Card represents your deepest, darkest, most irrational fear. It's a shadow cast over your life. And yet, it's the ladder of transcendence upon which you elevate your life.

And much more...

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