The Source Cards

Play Your Cards Right, From Darkness To Light

Alexander and Viki launched the Source Cards on January 1st, 2022. The Source Cards is an offering from their non-profit organization The Global Center for Spiritual Nutrition, Inc.

Their work together began as a love story. Alexander and Viki met following a divorce when they were each searching for love and purpose. Together they are living their dream to elevate the consciousness of humanity. Why? So that we can all live together in a more harmonious, enlightened, and playful relationship with our reality. And because it's fun!

Alexander and Viki live and work in Brooklyn, New York. They can be reached via the contact page.

Bios For Alexander & Viki



 is a guide and teacher who helps people to play their cards right, from darkness to light. He is the Amazon best-selling author of Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life On Earth. 

Previously, over the course of his diversified professional career, Alexander worked as a corporate consultant on Wall Street and held a Director of Marketing position at a software company. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded a holistic health center in Manhattan and started a non-profit music organization that put on legal raves in Central Park, New York.

Meanwhile, Alexander’s personal journey led him through intensive study in various spiritual traditions and traveling to India to undergo initiation as a Swami. He also apprenticed in the indigenous shamanic ways of the Lakota and Shipibo traditions. In addition, he holistically healed himself of several “incurable” medical ailments.

Named by CoachVille USA as one of 25 Super Hero Coaches nationwide, Alexander has been featured in Forbes Magazine and been interviewed by numerous media. He is the author of 123 IB, a full-length book of spiritual poetry. He is a certified teacher of yoga and is a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). He holds a Master’s degree in Roman Catholic Theology from Weston Jesuit Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from Harvard.

A few fun facts about Alexander: he has run with the bulls in Pamplona, cycled the West Coast of America from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and rafted the Colorado river down through the Grand Canyon. 

Based on his birthday, Alexander is playing the 9 of Hearts with a 7 of Clubs personality. 

Viki Scudiery


Viki is a healer who helps people to clear whatever is holding them back from living a healthy, joyful life. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and is also a certified Theta Healer. And yet, she has developed her own unique healing practice. What Viki does in her healing is go directly to God and allow God's healing energy to come through her as a vessel. In her practice, she has witnessed miracles of physical and emotional healing.

Her journey to become a healer began with her own unresolved medical issues. After many years of frustration with doctors, she went to see an energy healer. And after only one session with that healer, her medical issue, which doctors had not been able to solve for six years, suddenly resolved overnight.

Prior to beginning her healing career, she was a professional model for 25+ years. She travelled the world for her modeling career before going back to school to become a healer. It was through her travels in the beautiful places of the world that she re-awakened her own spirituality. As a little girl going to Church, she often felt so nauseous in Church that she had to be helped outside to get fresh air. After those experiences as a little girl, she hadn't wanted anything more to do with religion or spirituality... until she rediscovered her own spirituality.

Music is her soul. Viki loves to sing and has performed at rock venues like The Bitter End. In 2006, she wrote and produced her own album of jazzy, soulful music called Viki Gemini. You can find her music on any streaming service. Viki graduated Summa Cum Laude from CW Post College. She holds a degree in arts management. 

Based on her birthday, Viki is playing the 5 of Diamonds with a Queen of Spades personality.

Alexander's Best Selling Book

In 2017, Alexander published his book about the real meaning of the playing cards and how to begin consciously utilizing these cards as a toolkit to help you master the game of your life. His name for the real meaning of these cards is the Source Cards.

His book went to #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases List for its category of "Ancient and Controversial Knowledge" and has received many glowing five-star reviews like the one listed below.

#1 Amazon New Releases copy

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Podcast Appearances

Universal Healing

Universal Healing with Manuel Casanova

On this podcast, Viki and Alexander talk about the power of the Source Cards as a healing tool for personal transformation.

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Cafecito Break With Rosangel Perez

On this podcast, Viki and Alexander discuss The Art of Relationships.

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Here For The Truth With Yerasimos & Joel

On this podcast, Alexander explains how to consciously interact with the patterns of life represented by the numbers and symbols known to us as playing cards.

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Matt Belair's Master Mind, Body & Spirit

On this podcast, Alexander goes into some deep terrain about the nature of reality.

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Rima The Jungle Girl

On this podcast, Alexander explains why the Source Cards are the only spiritual education you'll ever need.

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One Radio Network With Patrick Timpone

On this podcast, Alexander discusses his background and how he developed the idea to use the Source Cards as a coaching tool for personal growth.

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Synchronicity with Noah Lampert

On this podcast, Alexander gets magical and talks about the magical mystery of life that is revealed in the Source Cards.

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The Woo Cast with Juliet Root

On this podcast, Alexander explains how to use the Source Cards to diagnose your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities and how to use that information as a tool to be your best self.

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Natural Healing Show With Catherine Carrigan

On this podcast, Alexander gives the background and overview of the how the system of the Source Cards works and why knowing your cards matters.

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The Spotlight

In this clip from a cable access talk show, Alexander does live readings for the hosts of the show.

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