Live from the Source with Viki and Alexander

Alexander Dunlop & Viki Scudiery Spiritual Teachers of The Deck of 52 Playing Cards

Alexander and Viki are a husband-and-wife coaching & healing team who guide you to master your game so you can live your happily ever after.

In their unique approach, they teach the Source Cards, which are an ancient Language of Life hidden in plain sight as a standard deck of playing cards.

Based on your date of birth, you're "dealt" a Life Path of 13+ Cards. These Source Cards reveal your human blueprint and give you the GPS navigation to complete your soul’s journey on Earth.

Viki and Alexander launched the Source Cards website on January 1st, 2022. They can be reached directly from the contact page.




Mission, Purpose, And Work

Alexander and Viki form a unique partnership of the masculine and the feminine, united together to catalyze a paradigm shift in human consciousness.

Together, they support you to play your cards right, from darkness to light. They guide you on an enlightening transformation from personal suffering to true love.

In their held space and with their guidance, individuals can safely confront their own perplexing life patterns and breakthrough to the kind of outcomes usually reserved only for Fairy Tales.

About the Source Cards

  • 52 Cards in the Deck and 52 Weeks in the Year

  • 4 Suits in the Deck and 4 Seasons in the Year

  • 13 Cards in each Suit and 13 Weeks in each Season

  • Cards: Ace 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King
  • Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

  • Add the numbers: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 13  = 91

  • 91 x 4 suits = 364

The Joker is the 53rd symbol and the 5th element in this 4 part system. Mathematically, his interplay with the 4 part system is 5 / 4 which reduces to 1 ¼.

Adding the Joker to the deck equals 365 ¼ or the exact days of each year. The deck is thus a perfect mathematical model of the Earth revolving around the Sun, representing the seasons and cycles of life on Earth.

The Source Cards Arise From The Flower of Life

The patterns on these cards are the fruit of the Tree of Life, and when we eat this fruit, we have Life.


King of Spades

This "deck" symbolizes the source code of our space-time matrix. It symbolizes the sacred geometric patterns that are the building blocks of our Earthly reality and the building blocks of your individual life experience. As such, it represents the holographic deck inside of which we all live and move and have our being. 

And while these cards are sometimes used for fortune-telling, their original meaning was not to attempt to extrapolate patterns into the future in order to predict what might be true in some imagined future time, but rather to attune your consciousness to the patterns of reality that are present, here and now. 

The Source Cards are a vehicle for self-realization and self-mastery. They are a tool of awakening to who you are and why you're here. 

Based on your date of birth, you have 13+ cards in your Life Path. Each card represents a different aspect of your human template: your life's purpose, special gifts, life lessons, personal challenges, lifetime reward, and much more. 

Alexander's Amazon Best-Selling Book

In 2017, Alexander published his book about the real meaning of the standard deck of playing cards.

His book went to #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases List in its category and received many five-star reviews.

Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide to Life on Earth

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Products & Services

Happily Ever After Code

This 9-Month Program is for individuals who want to meet their soulmate life-partner and live happily ever after. In addition to working through program content, individuals also meet one-on-one with Viki and Alexander for guidance and direction to play their cards right.

Guide To Living Self-Study Programs

These 5-Week Online Self-Study programs provide a comprehensive guide to playing your cards right in all areas of your life: career, personal growth, parenting, etc. They are a deep dive into your Birth Card, Personality Card, and other Life Path Cards and include Coaching Keys and Coaching Exercises to play your cards right.

The Daily Game

This subscription provides daily modules of learning, email reminders, and an App to focus on playing your cards right each day. A complete framework for personal growth, it includes a Daily Meditation, Daily Mantra, and Daily Teaching video all within a private online community.

Instructional Classes

Alexander and Viki offer a wide variety of introductory, intermediate, and advanced classes for people who want to learn the nuts and bolts of this system of knowledge, how it works and how to apply it in their lives.

Three Card Reading

Each year from your birthday to your next birthday, you have Source Cards for your year. Lookup and read the Source Cards present in your current yearly cycle in a fun, simple App. 

Private Consultations

Alexander and Viki each offer private one-on-one coaching and healing consultations.


Testimonial Clips

“It was a thunderbolt of clarity.”

“It was a true life-changing experience."

"Our work together gave me permission to truly be me. I was able to step into a life that I'm meant to be living without feelings of guilt or shame. It was through our work together that I moved to a city I adore, met the love of my life, and created the business I wanted.”

“Working with Alexander & Viki changed everything for me. I went from being scared of challenging myself to starting my own business. I went from feeling lost and directionless about my love life to meeting and marrying my soulmate. I realized so much and accomplished so much through my work with them that it really has been life-changing.”

“I expanded my business by 30%, shed 12 pounds, and found romance in the most surprising way.”

"Through my work with Viki, I have been able to get to the root of my fears and clear them so that I am no longer held down by them.  I have been able to access states of bliss that I had never experienced before.”

“I had done a series of ten Reiki sessions a few years ago, and they changed my life. But just one session with Alexander was more powerful than all those ten sessions combined!”

“Viki extracted what ailed me and I walked out a much younger version of myself. It never occurred to me that it might simply be 'energy'.”

“I consider myself a fast-track person. I want the most effective, efficient means to accomplish a goal. And Alexander gave me more knowledge about myself in ten minutes than I got from a whole year of therapy.”

“Now, all of a sudden everything is falling into place. Business projects that stalled for years are now coming together in less than a week. And I'm learning and growing so much that I feel like a kid in a candy store."

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Meet Alexander, a transformative guide and best-selling author of Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide to Life on Earth. With a rich background as a corporate consultant on Wall Street, Director of Marketing for a software company, and entrepreneurial owner of a wellness center, Alexander embodies a wealth of life experience.

His personal spiritual quest, which began with an unexpected awakening at age 17, led him through intensive study in every religious tradition as well as holistically healing himself from several "incurable" diseases. Recognized as one of 25 Superhero Coaches nationwide and featured in Forbes, he has been initiated as a Swami in India and trained by indigenous Shamans. He holds a master’s degree in Roman Catholic Theology and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard.

Viki Scudiery


Viki is an enchanting healer who regularly witnesses miracles of healing in her work. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a certified Theta Healer, but she created her own method of working with the energy consciousness field to directly channel Source healing energy.

Her journey to become a healer began when her own inexplicable medical challenge (that for 6 long years doctors could not heal) was resolved overnight by an energy healer. Her remarkable life of 25+ years as a professional model became for her a global odyssey awakening her spirituality which had been crushed by Church dogma when she was a little girl. She is a singer-songwriter whose jazzy, soulful album is called "Viki Gemini." As a Summa Cum Laude graduate in arts management from CW Post College, Viki adds scholarly wisdom to her journey.



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