5 of Spades 


Five of Spades

Playing the game of a Five you carry the energy of change, adventure, variety, and the freedom to experience life on your own terms.

Playing the game of a Spade you bring this energy to everything you believe and everything you do.

It means that your game in life is to change how we live our lives.  Yours is both the consciousness to imagine a whole new possibility and the willpower to execute your vision.


5 of Spades: Personal Patterns

  • Upbeat and positive attitude, looking at the bright side of life
  • A gift for hosting and making people feel welcome and comfortable
  • Blind spots when it comes to people; naively trusting people too easily
  • Going to extremes; being sometimes overly idealistic and sometimes overly cynical
  • Getting stuck inside your own assumptions, thoughts, and expectations
  • A nagging sense of dissatisfaction with yourself and your lifestyle
  • Proactively focused on your personal growth and personal evolution
  • And much more...

5 of Spades: Relationship Patterns

  • Generous and giving; finding joy in serving others
  • A loving, loyal, and caring partner
  • Going where people need you and fashioning your life based on the needs of others
  • An ingrained pattern from an early age of making big personal sacrifices for your family
  • Emotionally challenging relationships with your father and the men in your life
  • Difficulty setting clear emotional boundaries; giving to others until you bleed
  • Creating a safe, secure space for your family and loved ones
  • And much more...

5 of Spades: Career Patterns

  • Highly productive and efficient; able to get things done and done well
  • An early-adopter, on the leading edge of ideas and trends
  • Poor work/life balance; chasing a perceived shortage of time
  • Spinning restlessly like a hamster on a wheel, thinking you should be further along than you already are
  • A busy and controlling mind that prevents you from actually listening or receiving feedback
  • Ethically criss-crossed trying to take shortcuts; finding yourself in a moral dilemma
  • A great team player who works well in partnerships and collaborations
  • And much more...

5 of Spades: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • Active, fit, strong, and naturally energized
  • Thriving with a work hard / play hard lifestyle
  • So busy working that you don't even notice when your body is breaking down
  • A cheery, smiling facade covers up and represses your real emotions in an unhealthy way
  • Surprising outbursts of dramatic emotions can disrupt your schedule and your peace of mind
  • Crash and burn syndrome; enjoying a fast-paced life until suddenly you can't
  • Emotional intelligence empowers you to make wise decisions for your wellbeing
  • And much more...