Come Home To Yourself 

 Release The Heavy Burden of Negative Patterns 
 So You Can Effortlessly Transform Your State of Being 


  • The Source Cards

    “Viki extracted what ailed me and I walked out a much younger version of myself. It never occurred to me that it might simply be 'energy'.”

    Writer, Author, Blogger

  • The Source Cards

    “Through my work with Viki, I have been able to get to the root of my fears and clear them so that I am no longer held down by them.  I have been able to access states of bliss that I had never experienced before.”

    Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Singer-Songwriter  

Heal Your Energy And Change Your Life

  • Alleviate dis-ease and discomfort in your body
  • Boost energy and stamina
  • Recover from injuries and surgeries more easily
  • Soothe acute and chronic pain
  • Uncover long held patterns of the mind
  • Cleanse negativity and confusion 
  • Feel clear-minded and focused
  • Feel present and grounded
  • Alleviate depression
  • Soothe anxiety
  • Feel self-confidence and a renewed passion for life
  • Reconnect with your intuition
  • Open to self-trust
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Achieve life goals
  • Experience profound joy 

Yes this is possible!

In a Source Healing Session, you receive an energetic shift that allows you to give yourself permission to change your reality.

  • The Source Cards

    “Traditional medicine was unable to provide me with any pain management or treatments that actually helped. In the 20 years since I have been diagnosed, Viki was the first healer who helped me deal with my condition in a positive and helpful way.”

    Writer, Performer, Translator, Director

  • The Source Cards

    “My work has become aligned with my purpose and abundantly profitable.”

    Artistic Director of The Academy of Dance Arts, Dance Teacher, Writer

Viki Scudiery

About Me

Hi! My name is Viki Scudiery.

I am an energy healer. I discovered at a very young age that I have the gift of empathy and psychic intuition. I can feel everything around me, and I can feel other people’s feelings! Once I finally understood these gifts, I learned how to navigate my life in a healthy and fulfilling way.

And I discovered that I can utilize my gifts to facilitate a magical healing process for others. It involves leading people through a self-discovery process to let go of unconscious negative beliefs and open their heart.

I am certified in both ThetaHealing® and the 4 year program of Brennan Healing Science®. From this multi-faceted educational background and my own life experiences, I developed my unique practice of working with the energy-consciousness system, Source Healing.

Multi-Sensory Guidance System

My intuitive skill set is based on a multi-sensory guidance system, which receives pertinent information from three sensory channels.


Clairaudience is the ability to perceive sounds and words from outside sources. I receive messages that are audible, as clearly as the way someone may perceive their own inner voice, or even hear a song. 


Clairvoyance is the faculty of perceiving reality beyond the normal boundaries of sight. Colors, shapes or pictures will appear in my mind’s eye clearly, as though they are physically there. 


Clairsentience is an empathic intelligence that gleans information through physical sensations in the body. My kinesthetic knowing perceives through internal bodily awareness, a perceived sense from a distance and heightened instincts. 

What Does A Source Healing Session Entail?

Source Healing is a life-changing experience of body, mind and spirit healing. Rooted in the fundamental principle that everything is connected, Source Healing is a holistic approach to a person’s life and well being. 

Addressing the underlying cause of any imbalances in the energy system is the primary focus of this work. Because energetic shifts occur within the roots of a person’s being, change is comprehensive and long lasting. Natural flow and harmony are restored allowing individuals to manifest their goals and desires. Clients experience long lasting improvement in their well-being, increased joy and continual personal growth. 

The session is done via phone. You'll be laying down in the comfort of your own space/home for the duration of the session. At the start of the session you can presence your intentions for healing. Sometimes we talk throughout the session, and sometimes there’s silence when the energetic work is being done. I always give feedback as to what’s happening. The sessions vary because I am being guided in the moment. 

The healing you receive can take many different forms. While one session might lead you to release negative thought patterns through mindful processing, another time you may be given exercises, visualizations, physical movements or even meditation.

As energy shifts back into alignment, many emotions may surface. And as your healing process unfolds, you will be supported to allow these feelings to arise. I hold a safe container for you that prioritizes your needs and honors your process.

  • The Source Cards

    “My healing sessions with Viki have cleared negative forces from my work place, shed light on my personal fears and given me strength to embrace them. They have cleared physical discomforts and taught me that I can be a source of light and healing as well.”

    Artistic Director of The Academy of Dance Arts, Dance Teacher

A Source Healing Session with Viki

A Source Healing Session is 50 minutes and $400

All sessions are done remotely via phone. Distance healing imparts the same profound benefits. Remember…energy is energy. 

I am able to sense into your energy field through the theta state, where the mind expands beyond the boundaries of the physical body. So you'll be able to receive the healing in the comfort of your own home/space. And instead of having to travel after the session, you can rest and integrate the session for as long as you'd like in the comfort of your own home/space.

Once you purchase your Source Healing Session, you’ll be directed by my assistant to set up the date and time of your appointment via phone.

I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey!

With Love,

  • The Source Cards

    “Viki is an authentic and compassionate healer. I have experienced powerful healing in her hands, and she has my highest recommendation.”

    Artist, Poet, Physician, Healer

Weekly Source Healing Series with Viki

The Weekly Source Healing Series is four remote sessions for $125 each. *

The Weekly Source Healing Series is a convenient way for you to receive ongoing guidance, support and healing. No appointment needed!

It is a four week program where you email me each week with concerns in any area of your life that you want to receive healing and guidance on. For example, you can express any issues you might have with relationships, career, money, physical ailments, addictions, stress…whatever you are looking to change and heal in your life.

Based on your sharing, I do a remote healing for you within 1-3 business days of receiving your email. I then send you a voice recording with feedback and guidance from the healing that you can listen to at any time. This will support you on your healing journey, and you will receive the tools you need for change and healing to occur.

There is a 4 session minimum for the Weekly Source Healing Series. The cost is $500 for 4 sessions.

The price drops to $400 for 4 sessions when you purchase a subscription to this series. There is a three month minimum for the subscription. 

* Please note: This program is done all through email and voice recordings. There is no scheduled appointment.  

Once you purchase your Weekly Source Healing Series, you'll receive a more detailed description of how it works.

Journal and intentions


Energy healing is not intended to replace traditional healthcare and treatment protocols. It is a complementary modality that enhances and supports medical treatment or a personal wellness plan.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

1. So what the heck do you do exactly?

In a Source Healing Session, I’m looking for the root causes of imbalances in mind, body and spirit. This is on a Soul level. So I’m tapping into negative patterns and beliefs that could be from ancestors, past lives, negative beliefs passed on through the DNA from generation to generation, childhood trauma, trauma of the soul feeling disconnected and separated from Source at birth and so much more.

I am receiving this information through my guidance system either hearing messages, seeing images on my mind screen or feeling sensations in my body. I am a conduit of the information coming through me. 

So, through a higher power energy (Source, Creator, God), I’m clearing, healing and changing the negative patterns and bringing in higher vibrations of unconditional love and positive belief systems such as feeling worthy, joyful, abundant, and healthy. This is all based on your own personal healing intentions and in alignment with what’s for your highest and best good.

2. What's the difference between The Source Healing Session and the Weekly Source Healing Series?

The Source Healing Session is a 75 minute session done over the phone. We book a specific time for the session, and we connect live!

The Weekly Source Healing Series is 4 remote sessions all done through email/text and voice recordings. There is no scheduled appointment. Each week you email me with any concerns regarding your health, well-being or life circumstances. Based on your sharing and personal intentions, I do a remote healing within 1-3 business days of receiving your email. I then send you feedback and guidance in a voice recording, where you receive the tools you need for change and healing to occur.

3. Is there anything I need to do to prepare prior to the session?

It’s best that you find a quiet, comfortable space to be for the duration of the session. Also, you want to be hands free, so you can either put me on speaker or wear a headset.

4. How long will it take to feel the changes after we do the session? How quickly will I see results?

It's different for everyone. People can have profound, immediate shifts happen during a session. For others, the actual experience is more subtle. Then afterwards, they feel the change over time.

In order to get results, it's also important to follow through on whatever guidance that comes through during the session. For example, maybe the guidance I receive for you is to take 5 minutes every morning to close your eyes, focus on your breathing, put your hands on your heart, and name one thing you really appreciate about yourself. To get the results of your session, in this case, it will be necessary to implement the healing guidance that comes through for you in the session.

5. What happens after the session?

This varies as it is different for everyone. You might feel super energized and ready to run a marathon! You might feel tired and want to rest more. You could feel super clear and focused, calm and relaxed, grounded and present, excited and joyful, raw and vulnerable, open and expanded. 

Sometimes more emotions come to the surface after a session. Suppressed anger or sadness may come up. This is actually a great indication that stuck energy has cleared. And it is part of the healing to feel those feelings which have been pushed down. Feeling feelings is so important! And it's a really good thing when emotions come up to be felt. 

So after the session it's essential that you honor yourself fully. Rest when you need to rest. Take an epsom salt bath to nurture your body. Give yourself alone time if you need it. Eat nourishing foods. Drink lots of water. Honor your needs.