Read this book and watch the lightbulbs of clarity go off in your brain.

Find out what makes you tick. Find out what makes others tick. 

And suddenly, effortlessly, with your newfound awareness, start to make more enlightened, empowered decisions for your whole life.

Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide to Life on Earth by Alexander Dunlop
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    “Reading through Alexander’s book gave me the chills. I was blown away by the accuracy of the information… And I continue to reference his book, not only for my own growth, but as a tool for my clients as well… I recommend this book to all those on a path of transformation, healing, and personal development.”

    King of Clubs / Jack of Diamonds

You Have 13 Cards In Your Life Path Plus Soul Expression Cards

When you discover the meaning of all your cards, you'll have the roadmap and the blueprint for this lifetime.

For example, your:

    • Jupiter Card shows you exactly how to cultivate more financial abundance in your life
    • Saturn Card indicates your life lesson; and once you see it clearly, it's much easier to learn it
    • Mars and Venus Cards reveal why you are romantically attracted to certain people and what you expect of people in a relationship
    • Pluto Card indicates the unconscious shadow that you fear, a shadow that also contains a pot of treasure for you to discover about yourself
    • And so much more...

In my book, you'll learn how to look up the meaning of all your cards in each position in your Life Path.  

For example, here's a page in my book showing a part of the Life Path of the King of Spades:

King of Spades-Book Page

So, let's say the King of Spades is someone's Birth Card. Here's an example of looking up the meaning of their Life Path...

The King of Spades is the energy of commanding authority who can make powerful decisions. But in order to do that, someone born to play the King of Spades must learn how to integrate all the other cards together in their Life Path.

For example, in my book you'll learn that The Moon Card reveals what supports us and nurtures us in life. But we often unconsciously resist it, and if we do, we may lack the energetic support we need in order to thrive.

And someone born to play the King of Spades has the 8 of Diamonds to support them in their life. (In my book, you'll learn that the 8 of Diamonds means financial strength.) And yet, even though they have the natural, universal support of abundant finances, someone born to play the King of Spades may have a miserly, stingy attitude towards money. But that's only because they're too proud to acknowledge what is freely given to them by Life as a nurturing, supportive gift.

Meanwhile, they may be pre-occupied with their own feelings. That's because, as you'll find out in my book, they have the 3 of Hearts in Mercury. So, they may worry about their feelings and how to express their desires instead of simply commanding their reality.

Meanwhile, their 5 of Clubs Card in Saturn means their life's lesson is to stop over-analyzing and getting themselves stuck in analysis-paralysis. 

And so on...

In my book, you can look up the meaning of each Card and it's position in your Life Path. Once you do, your life will make perfect sense! And you'll now have at your disposal a simple blueprint and roadmap you can use for your entire life. 

Plus, for each Card, I give you an affirmation to help you start playing that Card right in your life.

  • The Source Cards

    “I recommend this book to anyone who seems to be missing the 'something’ that will get them on track in life… the message of this book is simple but profound… and if any of it sinks in, things will start to improve for you.”

    2 of Diamonds / 6 of Diamonds

The Results People Are Getting!

This is my favorite part!

I love hearing people’s personal stories of what discovering their cards has meant for them...

  • One man told me that after reading my book, his wife of twenty-five finally understood him!
  • Another woman told me she was finally able to see her parents clearly, which meant she was finally able to forgive them.
  • Another man told me he was finally able to accept his hidden psychic gifts that he always knew he had, but feared, (his Pluto Card) and was now able to leverage this gift to make better decisions in his corporate career.
  • Another woman emailed me to say that reading my book validated her entire life experience, and she was weeping tears of joy while she read it.

And there are many more stories like these…

If You Prefer A Physical Print Copy...

Some people like to hold a book in their hands. I get it.

If that's true for you, too, you can purchase your print copy on Amazon or for $19 plus tax.

When it first came out, my book went to #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases chart! And it has gotten many 5-star reviews like the one below...

#1 Amazon New Releases copy

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 10.00.34 AM

The Print Copy or The Digital Copy?

Personally, I recommend the digital copy for three reasons.

1. It's easier to use the digital version. 
My book is a reference book, in which you'll be looking up the meaning of all the Cards in your Life Path. So, you will be cross-referencing each of the meanings of the Cards with each of their positions in your Life Path. In the print copy, it means a lot of flipping back and forth to reference your Cards. 

The digital copy, meanwhile, has hyperlinks on the pages. So, with one click, you can instantly navigate back and forth between pages. It's much easier, in my opinion, to look up the meaning of all your Cards by simply clicking back and forth with the hyperlinks.

2. Accessibility.
With the digital copy, you get instant access, and you can read it easily on any device including your phone.

3. It's cheaper.
The digital copy is $13 while the print copy is $19 plus taxes and shipping.

  • The Source Cards

    “Wow! It's all in the cards! A blueprint of who I am.”

    6 of Diamonds / 10 of Hearts

Your life's purpose.

Who you are.

Why you're here.

The right career for your talents.

The best romantic partner for you.

How to cultivate happy relationships.

What life path will satisfy your soul.

It's all laid out in the Cards for you.

But the choice is still yours to make.

Will you open the book?

Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide to Life on Earth by Alexander Dunlop

  • The Source Cards

    “I've heard that the two most important days of your life are the day you're born and the day you find out why. Now, I finally know why.”

    2 of Clubs / Jack of Diamonds