Five of Hearts 

5 of Hearts Cartomancy

Five of Hearts

Playing the game of a Five you carry the energy of change, adventure, variety, and the freedom to experience life on your own terms.

Playing the game of a Heart you bring this energy to all experiences of the heart: emotions, love, and relationships.

It means that your game in life is to catalyze heartfelt freedom. Yours is the passion to plumb the depths of the heart and change the way we relate to each other.

How To Read This Page

Above in the banner images, the left side image (top image if you're viewing it on a phone) is a visual expression of when you may be Off Your Game.

The right side banner image (bottom image on your phone) is a visual representation of what's possible for you when you're On Your Game.

And below is an introductory list of experiences you may have in four important areas of your life when you are either...

  • On Your Game -- expressing it positively in your life
  • Off Your Game -- expressing it negatively in your life

5 of Hearts Cartomancy

Five of Hearts: Personal Patterns

  • Expressing your powerful passion in creative and constructive outlets
  • Friendly and social; enjoying the pleasure of human connection
  • Trying to find inner happiness by changing the outer scenery of your life
  • Emotional over-reactions leads to emotionally awkward and abrasive exchanges
  • Indecisive, confused, and scattered among too many different personal passions
  • Profound personal insecurity and lack of self-worth sabotages your personal interactions
  • A dynamic catalyst; sparking fun and joy in everything you do
  • And much more...
5 of Hearts

Five of Hearts: Relationship Patterns

  • Honest and open about your extraordinary sexual desires
  • Affectionate and loving, connecting intimately with touch
  • Pent-up frustration and nagging dissatisfaction from trying to constrict and control your desires
  • Fiery mood swings and bratty behavior create tension in your relationships
  • Keeping yourself and your romantic partner(s) in relationship limbo; wanting to "have your cake and eat it too"
  • Unfaithful and inauthentic; trying to hide your passions in the shadows
  • Your emotional vulnerability catalyzes mutually beneficial heart-opening experiences
  • And much more...
People running in circles - 5 of hearts

Five of Hearts: Career Patterns

  • Enjoying success from the artistic expression of your passion
  • Naturally high emotional intelligence to engage people and get positive results
  • Spinning around in circles inside a job you hate but staying there because it provides financial security
  • Adopting an attitude of blame; blaming everyone and everything for your own lack of success
  • Weighed down by past examples of perceived failure; unable to let go and move on
  • Approaching a new project with a defeatist mindset, pessimistically setting yourself up for failure
  • Generating wise solutions that are personally meaningful and financially valuable
  • And much more...
battered egg: 5 of hearts

Five of Hearts: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • A heart-centered, grateful approach to your life brings harmony and happiness
  • Trusting your intuitive wisdom keeps you aligned to what's right for you
  • Unable to see the emotional root cause of your physical dis-eases
  • A defeatist attitude depresses your overall energy and wellbeing
  • The anxious chase for idealistic fulfillment taxes you and depletes your wellbeing
  • Emotionally cracked-up and mentally fried from the high voltage of your experiences
  • Finding out-of-the-box solutions that empower you to thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically
  • And much more...

It's All In The Cards!  

Was that mind-blowing or what?

Maybe a little confronting?

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If what you just read about yourself didn’t fully resonate, try this: ask someone who knows you well to read the above list and see if they think it accurately portrays you.

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Next Steps To Play Your Cards Right

The wise person knows the Self and plays the game of life. But the fool lives in the world like a beast of burden.

~ Ashtavakra Gita (4:1)