Playing Cards Joker


Playing the game of the joker means that you stand outside the matrix of 52 energy patterns that make up our space-time reality.

It can mean that you feel like an outsider in our reality. You may feel as if you are standing on the outside of the looking glass, observing the interesting, foolish, and short-sighted human animals.

In truth, you stand on the margin of our space-time construct as an intermediary between "heaven" and "earth." And yours is the extra-ordinary game of the divine comedian who eases our passage gently down the stream.

How To Read This Page

Above in the banner images, the left side image (top image if you're viewing it on a phone) is a visual expression of when you may be Off Your Game.

The right side banner image (bottom image on your phone) is a visual representation of what's possible for you when you're On Your Game.

And below is an introductory list of experiences you may have in four important areas of your life when you are either...

  • On Your Game -- expressing it positively in your life
  • Off Your Game -- expressing it negatively in your life


Joker: Personal Patterns

  • Delightfully and provocatively authentic; stirring the souls of those around you
  • Attuned to and grateful for your extra-ordinary extrasensory gifts
  • Sullen, moody, and withdrawn with a dark cloud hanging over your head
  • Seriously obsessive and taking everything too seriously
  • Total and complete disconnection from your own authenticity
  • Manipulating others just because you can and just because you're bored with existence
  • A masterpiece of your own making
  • And much more...

Joker: Relationship Patterns

  • Making everyone around you a better reflection of themselves
  • Enjoying your shape-shifting, gender-shifting ability to connect to others on their own terms 
  • Hopelessly confused about how to create authentic and supportive connection
  • Unmoored, unpredictable, and ungrounded in your human interactions
  • Intensely critical and cynical of those who "pretend" to love you
  • Inability to trust anyone; inability to actually be vulnerable
  • Infusing your relationship with exactly what it needs to flourish
  • And much more...
Joker: Between heaven and earth -- Kokopelli

Joker: Career Patterns

  • Effortlessly floating to the top of your industry
  • Leveraging your extra-ordinary gifts to consciously apply them to good use
  • Inability to hold a job because you do not want to be told what to do 
  • Thinking that any and all work is mundane and beneath your talents
  • Floating between various odd jobs and skating by on the bare minimum
  • Using your extra-ordinary powers to manipulate others into giving you money
  • Relishing your paid responsibility as a pied-piper of the soul
  • And much more...

Joker: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • Self-awareness of your ability to heal yourself in whatever way you need
  • Strong and durable; able to work hard and play hard
  • Like a pet who takes on the ailments of its owner, taking on the ailments of everyone around you
  • Internalizing the binary insanity of our collective mental illness and feeling split internally 
  • Sinking down into a dark, hopeless place, believing that no-one will ever understand you
  • Cracked up, schizophrenic episodes because you think you must be crazy 
  • Truly extraordinary healing gifts, which when given to others, mean that you also receive the benefit of these gifts yourself
  • And much more...

It's All In The Cards!  

Was that mind-blowing or what?

Maybe a little confronting?

And totally amazing?


If what you just read about yourself didn’t fully resonate, try this: ask someone who knows you well to read the above list and see if they think it accurately portrays you.

And... would you believe this is just the beginning of what The Source Cards reveal about your life?

Now, Choose Your Own Adventure!

The wise person knows the Self and plays the game of life. But the fool lives in the world like a beast of burden.

~ Ashtavakra Gita (4:1)