Happy Birthday

July 16th


We're grateful you're here to play this game of life with us.

And we're excited you're here on our website. It's the fulfillment of our purpose to share this ancient Knowledge with you. So, thank you for participating in our joy!

Because you are born on the date of July 16th, it means you are born to play the Queen of Clubs with an Ace of Clubs personality.

The Queen of Clubs is the primary pattern of your life. It is like your Avatar. It's your entrance token to the game of your life.

The Ace of Clubs is the secondary pattern of your life. It reflects your outward personality and may rule your behavior.

Famous people born on July 16th

All of these people share your cards to play. Like you, they were born to play the Queen of Clubs overlaid with an Ace of Clubs personality.

Notice the recurring themes in their lives.


Mary Baker Eddy

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Religious leader and author who founded The Church of Christ, Scientist a new religious movement that emerged in New England in the late 19th century; she founded it after experiencing a personal physical healing and deciding that Christianity needed to go back to its roots of focusing on prayer to heal physical ailments in the body; she also founded the Christian Science Monitor a secular newspaper that has won Pulitzer Prizes


Ida B. Wells

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Born into slavery, she later became a civil rights activist, suffragist, journalist, and one of the founders of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People); she posthumously was awarded a Pulitzer Prize "for her outstanding and courageous reporting on the horrific and vicious violence against African Americans during the era of lynching"



Roald Amundsen

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Norwegian explorer who was the first to reach the South Pole and is the first person to have reached both poles; later, in 1928, while taking part in a rescue mission, the plane he was in disappeared and he is presumed to have died in the crash or shortly afterwards



"Shoeless" Joe Jackson

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Baseball great who was associated with the World Series scandal of 1919 where the players of the Chicago White Sox participated in a conspiracy to fix the World Series; however, he didn't tank his performance and, in fact, he was the leading player in the series from both teams, so people speculate that he wasn't actually part of the conspiracy; nonetheless, he was banned from baseball after that series, abruptly ending the career of a great player



Orville Redenbacher

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Businessman who "single-handedly revolutionized the American popcorn industry"



Ginger Rogers

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Award-winning, genre-defining actress and dancer who often collaborated with dancing legend Fred Astaire to make Hollywood musical films; she became a cultural icon and drew the famous compliment that whatever Fred Astaire did, she "did backwards and in high heels;" she married and divorced five times and had no children; she was a lifelong devout Christian Scientist


Hermine Braunsteiner

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Nazi SS officer and female camp guard who, in 1973, was the first Nazi war criminal to be extradited from the US to face trial in Germany as a war criminal; as a camp guard, she was known to have whipped women to death, thrown children by their hair onto trucks, and stomped old women to death with her steel-studded jackboots; at the time of her extradition proceedings, she was living in New York City and had married; her husband, to protest her extradition, claimed that "his wife wouldn't hurt a fly"


Swami Shantanand Saraswati

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Spiritual guru who taught that people should develop their spiritual life while fully engaged in worldly responsibilities


Margaret Smith Court

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Australian tennis legend who was the first woman to win the Grand Slam (winning all four major tournaments in one year) and went on to win a still record 24 major tournaments; besides winning more major tournaments than any other woman in history, she also has the best career winning percentage of all time; later in life she became a Christian minister and founded her own ministry: Margaret Court Ministries


Jimmy Johnson

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

American football coach who is one of the only coaches to lead both college and professional teams to Championships; known for his ability to spot talent


Michael Flatley

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

Irish choreographer and dancer who starred in "Riverdance" before producing his own shows such as "Lord of the Dance;" his shows have played to more than 60 million people in 60 countries and have grossed more than $1 billion; he is credited with reinventing traditional Irish dance by incorporating new rhythms, syncopation, and upper body movements, which were previously absent from the dance


Barry Sanders

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

All-time great American football running back who, although healthy, abruptly retired following his 10th season even though he was close to breaking the all-time rushing record; he retired, he said, because he was dismayed at team management and the continual losing direction of the team


Your Name Goes Here

Born to play the Queen of Clubs / Ace of Clubs

What will it look like for you to play your cards right? What will you be remembered for?

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