Three of Hearts 

3 of Hearts Card Meaning

Three of Hearts

Playing the game of a Three you carry the energy of creativity, self-expression, inspiration, variety, and choice. 

Playing the game of a Heart you bring this energy to all experiences of the heart: emotions, love, and relationships. 

It means that your game in life is to creatively express your passion. Yours is the emotional intelligence to choose what is authentically right and inspire others to activate their true feelings as well. 

How To Read This Page

Above in the banner images, the left side image (top image if you're viewing it on a phone) is a visual expression of when you may be Off Your Game.

The right side banner image (bottom image on your phone) is a visual representation of what's possible for you when you're On Your Game.

And below is an introductory list of experiences you may have in four important areas of your life when you are either...

  • On Your Game -- expressing it positively in your life
  • Off Your Game -- expressing it negatively in your life

3 of Hearts Card Meaning: Charming, Witty, Funny, Engaging, Emotional Energy

Three of Hearts: Personal Patterns

  • Engaging, witty, fun, and delightfully quirky
  • Emotional energy that catalyzes excitement and passion in others
  • Stuck inside your head over-analyzing and attempting to rationalize your experiences
  • Making off-color sexual comments that make others feel awkward
  • Hidden, secret behavior that you're ashamed to reveal to others
  • Manic, shocking episodes of acting-out / self-revealing behavior
  • Intuitively speaking a heartfelt truth that inspires more authenticity
  • And much more...
Three of Hearts Card Meaning

Three of Hearts: Relationship Patterns

  • Catalyzing deeper intimacy and taking the risk to initiate more pleasure
  • Profoundly sensual and passionate; a dynamo in the bedroom
  • Easily bored and distracted; needing constant stimulation
  • Torn in two different directions; indecisively second-guessing yourself
  • Overthinking your feelings to the point of not knowing how you really feel
  • Impulsive acting out behavior that sabotages your relationship
  • Viewing your relationships as opportunities for enlightenment
  • And much more...
Three of Hearts: Which Direction To Take?

Three of Hearts: Career Patterns

  • Expressing your creative passion in your chosen work
  • Trusting your out-of-the-box, innovative ideas brings you success
  • Instead of marching to the beat of your own drum, settling for buttoned-down security
  • Mired in decision-fatigue; plagued by indecision in your career direction or next steps
  • "Too many irons in the fire;" scattered between too many different prospects
  • Compromising your soul for the sake of a taste of financial safety
  • The gift to read a room with empathy and sensitivity makes you a great leader
  • And much more...
3 of Hearts Card Meaning: Burning Candle at Both Ends

Three of Hearts: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • Enjoying personal vibrancy and dynamic health 
  • Energized by a passion that lights up your own being
  • Irrational financial fears compromise your peace of mind
  • Indecision can feel like it's literally tearing your heart apart
  • Not honoring your own physical sensitivity and paying the price
  • "Burning the candle at both ends" catches up with you and causes a "crash-and-burn" collapse
  • The wisdom to nurture yourself with the comfort you need
  • And much more...

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The wise person knows the Self and plays the game of life. But the fool lives in the world like a beast of burden.

~ Ashtavakra Gita (4:1)