2 of Clubs 


Two of Clubs

Playing the game of a Two you carry the energy of synergy, balance, cooperation, and partnership.

Playing the game of a Club you bring this energy to all matters of the mind: communication, conversation, and mental pursuits.

It means that your game in life is to forge mental synergy that connects our thoughts together. Yours is the ability to ensure effective communication and facilitate cooperative dynamics.


2 of Clubs: Personal Patterns

  • Witty and charming; a great communicator and conversationalist
  • Nurturing and supportive of the people in your life
  • Gossiping; seeking connection with others through unsavory tidbits of information
  • Completely unaware of and disconnected from your own psychic abilities
  • Fearful of anything you can't rationally explain or logically understand
  • Trying to advance your life and feel better about yourself by putting others down
  • Boldly articulating the truth; making conscious what is otherwise unconscious
  • And much more...

2 of Clubs: Relationship Patterns

  • Forging meaningful one-on-one connections
  • A profound psychological understanding of what makes people tick and what people really need
  • Bossy: trying to organize and control what the other person says and does
  • Argumentative and opinionated, aggressively insisting on your own point of view
  • Operating with a push-pull dynamic, wanting connection and yet resisting it at the same time
  • Emotional demands and expectations can explode in flashes of self-righteous anger
  • Speaking with heartfelt leadership to bring out the best in the partnership
  • And much more...

2 of Clubs: Career Patterns

  • A work ethic that is second to none
  • A great advisor and consultant with brilliant answers to almost any problem
  • Inertia may plague you; you may stay stuck for reasons you can't understand
  • Suffering from an inner struggle: afraid of your own ambitions and dreams
  • Holding yourself back because of irrational fears and insecurities
  • Resentful and bitter because you think the team's success is entirely up to you
  • Realizing that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and working towards that reality
  • And much more...

2 of Clubs: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • A mind-body experience that is unified and coherent; a healthy balance of work and play
  • Able to intuitively know what's causing you dis-ease and easily able to realign yourself
  • A negative, condescending mindset negatively impacts your own wellbeing
  • Anxiety and worry about your own wellbeing ironically makes you sick
  • The mental split between a desire for unity and a desire for alone time causes a split in your psyche
  • Unaware that the physical symptoms in your body are a result of your own limiting beliefs
  • Attuned to your own dreams as a way to receive lucid guidance
  • And much more...