Happy Birthday

June 14th


We're grateful you're here to play this game of life with us.

And we're excited you're here on our website. It's the fulfillment of our purpose to share this ancient Knowledge with you. So, thank you for participating in our joy!

Because you are born on the date of June 14th, it means you are born to play the 3 of Diamonds with a Ace of Spades personality.

The 3 of Diamonds is the primary pattern of your life. It is like your Avatar. It's your entrance token to the game of your life.

The Ace of Spades is the secondary pattern of your life. It reflects your outward personality and may rule your behavior.

Famous people born on June 14th

All of these people share your cards to play. Like you, they were born to play the 3 of Diamonds overlaid with an Ace of Spades personality.

Notice the recurring themes in their lives.


Harriet Beecher Stowe

Born to play the 3 of Diamonds / Ace of Spades

Abolitionist whose book Uncle Tom's Cabin, published in 1852, was hugely influential in galvanizing anti-slavery forces in the North in the build up to the Civil War; her goal in writing the book was explicitly to "educate Northerners on the realistic horrors of the things that were happening in the South;" the phrase "Uncle Tom" has since become part of the common lexicon as a slang slur; she was reviled in the South and beloved in the North


Che Guevara

Born to play the 3 of Diamonds / Ace of Spades

Argentinian marxist revolutionary who became a major figure in the Cuban revolution and whose stylized visage has become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol of rebellion and global insignia in popular culture; a prolific writer and diarist, he composed a seminal manual on guerrilla warfare, along with a best-selling memoir about his youthful continental motorcycle journey; his experiences of systematic poverty and hardship in Latin America led him to posit that the Third World's underdevelopment was not accidental, but was rather an intrinsic result of imperialism, neocolonialism, and monopoly capitalism, and that the only solution was a revolution; his legacy is reviled by the Right and beloved by the Left


Donald Trump

Born to play the 3 of Diamonds / Ace of Spades

45th President of the United States who is reviled by the Left and beloved as a "savior-figure" by the Right; in an unprecedented move in modern US politics, he single-handedly and with no prior political experience, beat both the Republican and Democratic political machines in what must be called a political revolution; known for his disdain of "political correctness" and his penchant for braggadocio, he has generated much controversy and criticism for his "divisive" role in American culture; his legacy in America's "culture war" remains to be seen

Boy George

Born to play the 3 of Diamonds / Ace of Spades

Lead singer of the new wave band "Culture Club," which recorded several global hits such as "Karma Chameleon" and "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me;" he is distinguishable for his androgynous appearance and unorthodox fashion choices; he struggled with drug addiction for much of his career and credits his Buddhist chanting practice with saving him and keeping him sober


Steffi Graf

Born to play the 3 of Diamonds / Ace of Spades

German tennis star who began her professional career at age 13, coached by her father; in total, she won 22 Grand Slam singles titles more than any other woman in the open era; her run of 186 weeks as the World No. 1 has not been beaten; her playing style was marked by her strong forehand and quick footwork


Your Name Goes Here

Born to play the 3 of Diamonds / Ace of Spades

What will it look like for you to play your cards right? What will you be remembered for?

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