The Key to Unlock

Your Best Life Is...


To Ask Yourself

The Right Question

The Problem Isn't Your Lack of Effort

The problem is that you haven't been asking yourself the right question.

That's why you don't have the results you're seeking.

It's not about hustling harder.

It's about finding the answer to this question: how do I play my cards right, from darkness to light.

If in your life right now, you don't have...

  • Romance & Real Love
  • Financial Peace of Mind
  • A Fun, Rewarding Career
  • A Sense of Personal fulfillment

...and these are experiences you do want to have, then it means you're not playing your cards right.

It's that simple.

It doesn't necessarily mean it's easy to start playing your cards right.

But the diagnosis is that simple.

If your life is not what you know it could be, then you're not playing your cards right. Period.

The problem is that perhaps no-one ever showed you how to play your cards right.

Perhaps you're trying to live your life according to the life strategies you inherited from your parents, family, religion, upbringing, etc.

But what if these life strategies aren't the right way for you?

I Want To Tell You A Story About A Woman Named Jean

When I met her, she was 45, single, and a small business owner.

The problem, she said, was that she was exhausted from constantly spinning her wheels. No matter how hard she worked, she still wasn't getting the results she wanted.

She felt as though she was caught in a busy vortex.

After her initial Soul Reading, she enrolled in the Source Coaching Program.

These are the 13 Steps of the Source Coaching Program. I guide you through each step to...

  1. Center you in the truth of yourself
  2. Expand your potential
  3. Balance your energy
  4. Prepare you for peak personal performance
  5. Express your innate abundance
  6. Extend your power for optimal personal alignment
  7. Unlock the next level of your life
  8. Flow gracefully into a rich harmony of being
  9. Receive the treasure that's hidden in your own shadow
  10. Relate to a whole new identity
  11. Realize a more enlightened version of yourself
  12. Act on the truth of who you are
  13. Transform your reality into your desired reality

Each of these 13 Steps leads you through your process of transformative growth, a process that is the heroic journey of your own life.

This 13-Step process to grow from Point A (your present reality) to Point B (your desired reality) looks like an unwinding, blossoming spiral that I call The Golden Spiral of Personal Growth.

Within six months of coaching, Jean's results, as she described them for me, were these:

She told me our work together helped illuminate her blind spots, clarify her path forward, and gave her the confidence she needed to make bold decisions.

  • First and foremost, she said, she found peace of mind.
  • Without the constant mental loop of stress and worry, she found that she effortlessly made decisions that honored herself. She found that she ate healthier and enjoyed exercising. She lost 12 pounds without even trying.  (An unintended positive benefit.) 
  • She felt better. She looked better. And with the knowledge of her relationship dynamics from her Source Cards, she made better decisions romantically, and she found her soulmate. Yay! (Another unintended positive benefit). 
  • More energized, more confident, and with greater clarity about how to play her cards right, she found that she made better business decisions (which was her initial reason for coming to see me). As a result, she grew her business by 30% which meant she finally, that year, achieved her long-time goal of surpassing one million dollars in annual revenue.
  • And then recently, when we caught up for a chat, she told me that with the continued growth of her business, she had just purchased her second home upstate.

So, for Jean, that's what happened in her life when she started playing her cards right, from darkness to light.

She went from constantly spinning her wheels to finding that her dreams came true.

What transformation will happen for you in your life, when you start playing your cards right, from darkness to light? 

If you're ready to find out, book your Soul Reading appointment today.

The Soul Reading is a stand-alone appointment that will give you immediate clarity. After that appointment, you'll have the option to enroll in the full Source Coaching Program.

  • The Source Cards

    “I expanded my business by 30%, shed 12 pounds, and found romance in the most surprising way.”

    Founder & Ceo, Marketsmiths

  • The Source Cards

    “Working with Alexander changed everything for me. I went from being scared of challenging myself to starting my own business. I went from feeling lost and directionless about my love life to meeting and marrying my soulmate. I went from having a relationship full of anger with my parents to them becoming my best friends and confidants. I realized so much and accomplished so much through my work with him that it really has been life-changing.”

    Board Member, GOKADA

  • The Source Cards

    “I learned things I didn't know I needed to learn! I've worked with many teachers, but Alexander's approach was different... logical, matter of fact, and CLEAR. Our work together gave me permission to truly be me. I was able to step into a life that I'm meant to be living without feelings of guilt or shame. It was through our work together that I moved to a city I adore, met the love of my life, and created the business I wanted.”

    Chief Sparkle Officer, We Play Everywhere

  • The Source Cards

    “When I started working with Alexander, I wanted to quit my corporate job and start my own practice. Within five months of working with him, I opened my own practice and am now stabilized in it, building a strong, reputable business. It was Alexander's insights that defogged my glasses to give me a clearer vision of myself. His sage guidance was the catalyst to my success.”

    Traditional Naturopath, Relevant Wellness