7 of Spades 

7 of Spades Meaning, Cartomancy

Seven of Spades

Playing the game of a Seven, you carry the energy of connection, ups-and-downs, adjustment, and elevation. 

Playing the game of a Spade, you bring this energy to everything you believe and everything you do.

It means that your game in life is to attune what we believe, so as to adjust what we do. Yours is the consciousness to elevate how we do what it is we do with our lives and why we do it.

How To Read This Page

Above in the banner images, the left side image (top image if you're viewing it on a phone) is a visual expression of when you may be Off Your Game.

The right side banner image (bottom image on your phone) is a visual representation of what's possible for you when you're On Your Game.

And below is an introductory list of experiences you may have in four important areas of your life when you are either...

  • On Your Game -- expressing it positively in your life
  • Off Your Game -- expressing it negatively in your life

7 of Spades Meaning Cartomancy: Always under a rain cloud

7 of Spades: Personal Patterns

  • Living with a joyful, uplifting, generosity of spirit
  • A gift to always see the other side and offer an insightful perspective 
  • Walking around underneath a dark, rainy cloud all the time
  • Snarky, mean, and verbally cutting in your communication style
  • Terrified and weirded out by the strange, paranormal experiences you have
  • Getting boxed into limiting routines or co-dependent patterns
  • Super psychic and trusting your inner-knowing as your perfect guidance
  • And much more...
Seven of Spades: Warning cynicism

7 of Spades: Relationship Patterns

  • Loyal, devoted, and true to those you love
  • Engaging others with a playful depth of character
  • A "Debbie Downer" who weighs down the mood of the room with your own heaviness
  • Working so hard that you forget about nurturing your romantic relationship
  • Blindsided by your own willful and stubborn refusal to open your eyes
  • So cynical about people that you believe a real relationship is impossible
  • Positively and proactively lifting up yourself and your beloved to greater heights
  • And much more...
Seven of Spades: Productivity

7 of Spades: Career Patterns

  • A master of your chosen craft; a genius at what you do
  • A gift for seeing how systems and processes can be optimized for maximum productivity
  • A workaholic who is consumed body and soul by your work
  • An aversion to authority and a dislike of authority figures holds you back
  • Financial struggles arise and persist because of a poverty consciousness
  • Stuck in a menial, unfulfilling role because you're disconnected from your true calling
  • Gaining your most satisfaction and financial abundance by serving people
  • And much more...
Seven of Spades: Girl in Tree

7 of Spades: Health & Wellbeing Patterns

  • Consciously aware of the power of your consciousness to determine your health and wellbeing
  • Blessed with the ability to easily bounce back and restore stable wellbeing
  • Suffering bouts of depression and despair
  • Pent up resentment turns into unexpressed rage and eats away at you from the inside out
  • A hypochondriac who makes yourself physically ill with your paranoia
  • Taking your health for granted and working yourself to the breaking point
  • Connecting yourself to the natural rhythms of nature in order to ground and stabilize your energy
  • And much more...

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The wise person knows the Self and plays the game of life. But the fool lives in the world like a beast of burden.

~ Ashtavakra Gita (4:1)