Happy Birthday

December 14th


We're grateful you're here to play this game of life with us.

And we're excited you're here on our website. It's the fulfillment of our purpose to share this ancient Knowledge with you. So, thank you for participating in our joy!

Because you are born on the date of December 14th, it means you are born to play the 4 of Clubs with a 6 of Diamonds personality.

The 4 of Clubs is the primary pattern of your life. It is like your Avatar. It's your entrance token to the game of your life.

The 6 of Diamonds is the secondary pattern of your life. It reflects your outward personality and may rule your behavior.

Famous people born on December 14th

All of these people share your cards to play. Like you, they were born to play the 4 of Clubs overlaid with a 6 of Diamonds personality.

Notice the recurring themes in their lives.


Tycho Brahe

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

Danish astronomer known for his exact astronomical measurements and calculations; he was well-received by the royalty of his time and enjoyed various patronage and grants for his research; he was also a notable astrologer and alchemist; he wore a prosthetic nose for most of his life following the loss of his nose in a sword-fighting duel



George VI

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

King of England who inherited the throne when his older brother Edward abdicated the throne to marry an American divorcee; he famously overcame a terrible stutter to give rousing speeches during WW II; he was seem as a symbol of British resilience and determination to win the war against the Nazis; he suffered health-related issues due to his long-time smoking habit and died at age 57


Paul Éluard

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

Born Paul Grindel, he was a French poet and one of the founders of the Surrealist movement; he chose the name Paul Éluard, a matronymic borrowed from his maternal grandmother; he became one of the pillars of Surrealism by opening the way to artistic action politically committed to the Communist Party


Jimmy Doolittle

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

American aviator and war hero; he made many pioneering flights before WW II; during the war, he led a bold counter-attack raid following Pearl Harbor that was a major morale booster for the United States and he was celebrated as a hero



B.K.S. Iyengar

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

Sometimes called the "father of modern yoga," he helped popularize yoga, first in India and then around the world; he wrote many books on yoga practice and philosophy; he founded his own practice of yoga call Iyengar Yoga which is "focuses on the correct alignment of the body, making use of straps, wooden blocks, and other objects as aids in achieving the correct postures."


Raj Kapoor

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

Indian film actor and producer; widely regarded as the greatest showman in the history of Indian cinema and entertainment; his films attracted worldwide audiences


Stan Smith

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

American former professionatennis player who is best known to non-tennis players as the namesake of a popular brand of tennis shoes; since 2011, he has served as President of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.


Dilma Rousseff

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

1st female president of Brazil, an office she held from 2011 until her impeachment in 2016 for breaking budgetary laws; as a young woman, she had joined a guerrilla resistance group that actively fought against the military dictatorship at the time and from 1970-1972, she was imprisoned and tortured


Bill Buckner

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

American baseball player who, despite a successful career, is best-remembered for a single error he committed, when he allowed a ground ball to roll through his legs in the World Series against the NY Mets, that allowed the Mets to make a "miracle" comeback and win


James Comey

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

Former director of the FBI who became embroiled in two separate scandals: the first in which he was accused of causing Hillary Clinton to lose the election in 2016 by re-opening the investigation into her email servers just weeks before the election; the second, in which he was fired by President Trump in order to allegedly block the investigation into Russian interference in the election; following his dismissal, he wrote a tell-all book that became a best-seller


Your Name Goes Here

Born to play the 4 of Clubs / 6 of Diamonds

What will it look like for you to play your cards right? What will you be remembered for?

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