Still Thinking About It?

Well, are you yearning to move forward and live your best life?

The Source Cards provide you with the roadmap and the blueprint for your life.

But the choice of what to do with this roadmap and blueprint is still yours to make.

And how you choose to play your cards is the key to the outcome you experience in your life.

Watch Our Free Introductory Teaching Video

In this 30-Minute Class, we'll share with you how to make the right choices for your life, so that instead of feeling stuck and incomplete, you can live the life that satisfies your soul.

You will learn...

The First and Most Important Step To Start Playing Your Cards Right, From Darkness To Light

We'll also cover...

  • 1. What to do if some of the positive examples in the On Your Game section seem far-fetched or unrealistic
  • 2. What to do if some of the negative examples in the Off Your Game section were shocking and you felt like "that's not me"

3. How your Birth Card and your Personality Card play together to reveal your overall life expression

  • 4. How to use all the information in both On Your Game and Off Your Game to make confident, empowered decisions for your life

As a fun bonus, we'll also explain the simple formula used to calculate your Birth Card.