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Kindergarten For Your Soul

Have you've lost touch with your childlike sparkle and excitement for life?

Imagine if no-one ever showed you how to tie your shoelaces when you were little and you walked around with untied shoelaces, tripping and falling over your own feet.

And imagine if, as a result of that frustration and embarrassment, you decided that either there must be something wrong with wearing shoes or "there must be something wrong with me."

This analogy isn't far from the truth.

Think about it. Has anyone ever really shown you how to live your own authentic life?

And if not, have you been tripping over yourself trying to live your life according to someone else's ideas of how to live your life?

We have good news for you!

There is a simple user's guide to life on Earth that shows you exactly how to live your own authentic life.

Believe it or not, it was hidden in plain sight as a deck of playing cards.

It's so freakin' simple once you know it and it makes life fun again!

One you have this simple guide book you'll have...

  • Clear awareness of who you are and why you're here... like when you were a kid and you knew exactly which toy you wanted for your birthday

  • Peace of mind to know you're on the right path in life... like when you were on the playground as a kid you knew with absolute certainty that you wanted to go on the swings

  • Simple, actionable solutions to overcome personal challenges and relationship obstacles... like when a kiss and a hug from mommy made it all better

  • Eureka moments of productive inspiration... like that time when you had the idea to play all day long in the summer with your friends building a treehouse together

We tell you all this from our own experience of finding this user's guide to life on Earth and the difference it has made in our lives.

It really does help you to see life as a game you get to play.

Only now, you can finally play the game of life with your shoelaces tied!

Meet Your Instructors: Viki & Alexander

Alexander Dunlop & Viki Scudiery Spiritual Teachers of The Deck of 52 Playing Cards













We're excited to help you finally learn how to tie your life laces so you don't trip and fall in your life anymore.

And oh boy, did we struggle to tie our own life laces over many attempts and trials and errors.

We’ve both been in that struggle of the untied life laces...

  • We were both previously married. We know what it’s like to be in a relationship where you keep tripping over the same emotional obstacles but you keep trying desperately to make it work.

  • And we’ve both been single, lonely, and sad wondering if we really could expect to finally meet our person.

  • We’ve both been in the anxiety and stress of big career decisions at career cross-roads where we didn’t know which way to go or how to trust ourselves to make the right decision.

  • And we’ve both, at times, felt totally lost, afraid, and hopeless, wondering what the heck we should do with our lives or why we’re even here.

Luckily for both of us, we found this user's guide to life on earth. And now we're sharing it with you, so that like us, you can benefit from this simple user's guide to live on earth.

Learn how to tie your life laces, so you don't trip and fall in your life anymore. Instead, you can stride through your life with confidence, grace, and success.

We give you the simple guidance we wish we would have had way back at the beginning of our lives when we were just starting out with our first baby steps upon this planet.

It's the same guidance we give our teenage children, and the same guidance we give our private clients. Now, we've put it into this class format called Kindergarten For Your Soul.

In this Five-Week program, you get

  • One 90-Minute Teaching Video each week that you can watch in 15-minute segments

  • Direct access to ask us your personal life questions inside our interactive, community platform

  • A community of like-minded people who are all eager to transform their lives

Flower of Life

Week One: In The Beginning... 

  • Discover the unconscious mistake you're making -- because everyone makes this mistake, yes, even you --that's dimming your own sparkle and blocking you from realizing the life your soul is yearning for

  • Find out how to get your sparkle back!

Numbers Symbolism

Week Two: Gain The Building Blocks Of Life... 

  • You can't play with toys you don't have!

  • If you don't know it, how can you use it?

  • Learn the simple language of the Source Cards, which is the user's guide to life on earth

    • Learn the meaning of the numbers 1 - 13
    • And the meaning of the four suits

Life Path

Week Three: Learn Your Soul's Blueprint...

  • Discover your authentic way to a satisfying life on your terms

  • Learn each step in your Life Path

  • Uncover what stops you from living your life's purpose

  • The final destination of your soul's journey in this lifetime

Building relationships

Week Four: The Art & Science Of Relationships... It's Much Easier Once You Know How

  • Who is your perfect, romantic soul-mate and why

  • Is it possible to predict if a relationship will succeed or fail

  • Why you have certain relationship dynamics with certain people and not others

  • How to transform all your relationships into positive experiences
Key to abundance

Week Five: Discover Your Personal Abundance Keys... They're Often Hidden In Plain Sight

  • Learn the easiest way for you to make money and why

  • How to escape the compare & contrast disappointment game

  • Where and how financial abundance is present for you in your life if only you would allow it to be present

  • How and why your ego may trip you up from experiencing financial abundance

Once You Complete This Kindergarten For Your Soul Series, You Will Be Able To Answer These Questions...

For Your Life

How have I unconsciously covered up and hidden my own sparkle?

How do I recover my sparkle and excitement for my life?

What is my life path and what is the final destination of my soul's journey in this lifetime? 

For Your Relationships

How do I pick the right person as a romantic soul-mate?

What most commonly sabotages your romantic relationship and how to fix it?

How can I transform all of my relationships into positive experiences that serve me and support me?

For Your Finances

What is the easiest way for me to make money in my life? 

What are the hidden places in my Life where financial abundance is already present for me?

What annoying thing is stopping me from unlocking my financial growth?

Here's How It Works

We will record a live (approximately) 90-minute class each Monday night for five weeks starting on November 7th at 6 PM ET. We will give you the Zoom link to join us live. But...

There is no need to join us live unless you want to because the classes are intended to be recordings that you watch on-demand.

We break the 90-minute class into segments of about 15 minutes, so you can get through the whole class in shorter nuggets of time throughout the week. In fact, we recommend you watch them 15 minutes at a time in order to digest them and integrate them.

We will post the finished 90-minute class video in the online module on Monday night, and then you will have the whole week to watch it, comment on it, and ask your questions.

We will answer your questions inside the online class module. And you will be able to chat with other students there, too and interact with their questions as well.

Here are the dates and times we will be recording live on Zoom.

  • November 7th at 6 PM ET
  • November 14th at 6 PM ET

Skip The Thanksgiving Week

  • November 28th at 6 PM ET
  • December 5th at 6 PM ET
  • December 12th at 6 PM ET

Again: There is no need to join us live. You will be able to participate by asking questions about the content inside the online course module.

Once you register, you will have lifetime access to this content and you'll be able to participate next year when we offer the same class series again.

Graduation Certificates For When You Pass The Test

There is a test at the end of this Five-Week Program. Some of the questions are listed above. But there are other questions as well.

If you would like a graduation certificate from this class, you can complete the test questions at the end of the class series, and we will grade your answers.

Scholarships Available

We want everyone to be able to enroll in this series regardless of financial constraints.

So we are offering a variety of partial scholarships.

We are even offering a few full scholarships.

Here's How The Partial Scholarships Work

There are three tiers of partial scholarships

  • $333 Tier: one-time tuition payment or an installment plan of $88 per month over four months

  • $222 Tier: one-time tuition payment or an installment plan of $63 per month over four months

  • $111 Tier: one-time tuition payment or an installment plan of $33 per month over four months

To qualify for a partial scholarship...

We ask you to participate in our mission of sharing this knowledge with everyone on the planet so we can elevate human consciousness and cultivate a more harmonious society

  • $333 Tier: make at least two social media posts or send two email / message introductions

  • $222 Tier: make at least three social media posts or send three email / message introductions

  • $111 Tier: make at least four social media posts or send four email / message introductions

In your social media posts or email/message introductions, please state

1. Why you want to introduce them to the Source Cards

2. What you have gained so far from learning your Source Cards

3.  And point them to the website to enter their birthday and look up their Source Cards

And in your social media posts please tag @thesourcecards


I want to learn this information, but I have a busy life. Can I fit this in?

Yes. If you can squeeze out 15 minutes a day to watch one segment from the 90-minute class, then you can do the whole class in six days with one day left over in the week to rest like God rested on the Sabbath.

And if you don't have 15 minutes a day for yourself... yikes... maybe it's time you gave yourself 15 minutes a day for something that nurtures your soul, so that instead of always feeling burnt-out, depleted, and overwhelmed, you do something for yourself that recharges your batteries and fills you up.

What are the online class modules? Where are the recorded classes hosted?

The classes will be hosted inside an online classroom that is hosted by the same web provider that hosts our website. Upon enrollment, you will be sent a login. And you can create your own password if you wish. Once you're logged in, you access the online class modules from this very same thesourcecards.com website.

What if I've already taken other classes with you that overlap with this content?

Great question. There is new content we are introducing here for the first time. And even the overlapping content will be taught differently. As the name of this Kindergarten series implies, we will be breaking down the content into its most basic form to give you the most basic way of understanding this knowledge.

But, yes, you will notice overlap in content from other classes we have previously taught. So, if you are unsure whether or not this class series will have the full value for you, but you still want to enroll, one suggestion we have for you is to enroll with a partial scholarship and help us spread the word about this great content, that's so great that you want to take it again and again.  :-) 

What if I've done the Guide to Living Program? How does Kindergarten For Your Soul relate to the Guide to Living Programs?

They are designed to fit perfectly together! The Guide to Living Program is a deep dive into how to play one specific card in your life right. Kindergarten For Your Soul provides the overall context of how all your Life Cards fit together. It also, more importantly, shows you how to play together with other people who have different cards to play. 

In metaphor, let's say you were a violin player, the Guide to Living Program is detailed instruction on how to make sweet music with your violin. But in life, you're not just playing alone in your own bedroom. Kindergarten For Your Soul explains how to play sweet music together with everyone else in your life. Because it's more fun together, right?

How do I ask questions about the class content, and will I be interacting with you both directly?

Inside each class module, which you will see once you login, is a comment section below the video. Here, after watching a segment of the video or the whole video or parts of the video that you choose, you can ask us your questions by typing in the comments section. And yes, we will be responding to your questions personally.

How is this a community? 

There is a comment section at the bottom of each class module page, where you can post comments, reply to comments, and follow the thread of discussion. You can also, if you want, upload a photo of yourself so that people see who you are when you're commenting and interacting with other people's comments. We typically have people from all over the world who join our classes. So, you'll be able to interact with people from all over the world. It's like a global village of soulful people who want to sparkle their brightest.

For the partial scholarships, how do I make the social media posts or email / message introductions?

For social media posts, please tag us @thesourcecards in your post. If you prefer to send email / message introductions, on the enrollment form we will ask you to provide the names of the people you'll be reaching out to. How to do this will be explained on the partial scholarship enrollment page.

How do I know if I qualify for a full-scholarship?

If you're living on a very fixed income and it's either enroll in this class or buy food for the month, then you qualify. Demographically, although we hope not to stereotype too much here, the full scholarships are intended for seniors living on social security, teenagers who have no real income of their own, and people who are in seriously dire straights at the moment, like living-out-of-your-car dire straights. And yes, even with "no money" you will need to invest $10. That's the minimum bar of investment you will need to hurdle. But if this class series is calling you, Life will synchronistically give you that money.

Is there really a graduation test at the end of this class series?

Yes. And it's fun. And it will help you mentally break through to the next level of your life. It will help you absorb the material so you can apply it in your life.

If I decide I want my money back after I enroll, how do I do that?

If, within the first three weeks before we post the third video class, you decide for whatever reason that you would like your money back, just email us at i.am AT thesourcecards.com and we will give you your money back. Easy. However, once that third video drops baby, you're in, and there's no looking back... you're invested in your own growth.

Will my life definitely improve from taking this program?

That' up to you. We'll give you the tools, the awareness, and the roadmap. We'll answer your questions. We'll give you guidance, coaching, magic beans, a boy-scout pocket knife, some girl scout cookies, blessings, encouragement, and support. But what you do with all this is still up to you. And what you do with this information is what will make all the difference in your life.

We're going to teach you how to tie your life laces. How you walk from here is up to you. 

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